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Reading that ginny_t was currently working on a project using mohair, I got curious and asked the female sibling if she had any spare mohair I could play with. (I've seen mohair and pet the stuff, but never actually played with the stuff before). She had a leftover ball from a previous project and told me it should be knitted as an aran weight yarn. And so, a happy little clam, I decided to play with it last night...

*cry* I can't use it. Not because I get a bunch of mo's in the mouth or because it's a pain to knit or anything like that, but because I can't BREATHE! >_<;; Okay, it's not as bad as the time I tried giving kitty a bath (an eternity ago when I was 14) but enough that it was getting pretty uncomfortable. Telling female sibling unit about it today, she says I'm probably allergic to mohair. T_T

Looking at mohair, it's apparently from a specific type of goat. Cashmere, is also from goat but a different kind. I can only hope that the mohair problem doesn't extend to cashmere. >_<; I have a scarf knit from cashmere and it never gave me problems, so I'm hoping it's okay. I don't think I've ever had mohair garments though. (That plus cashmere usually isn't as furry as mohair).

Otherwise, I'm tying in ball #4 today on the great afghan project. ^_^ The sad thing is, I still need to use a "thimble". >_<; A thimble with knitting?!? Um, yeah. The pattern I'm doing calls for knitting 2 stitches together which is a bit tight, and I have a tendency to stick my finger on the point of the needle to pull the stitch off the hook (don't ask). The result = ouch. Hence the Thimble-It thimbles. ^^;
Tags: knitting, mohair

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