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Soo... the elections are over and we have another minority government. For that I'm quite grateful. The question is how things will go from hereon. I will say this much for the election results; the numbers game came out quite interesting (the PCs must ally with either the Bloc or the Liberals to pass anything in Parliament) neither of which seem to be readily chummy with the PCs. I just hope that there's a true effort to making the government work this time. And please, no repeat of 1979's 9 month minority government. I don't know if I'll give this government much in terms of lifespan, but that's a bit too short. ^^;

I've been trying to work on the backlog of email and comments since last week but am not sure how well I'm doing. ^^; Hopefully those definitely requiring replies are done or will be by tomorrow. I know it's on my resolutions list but this was another of those "losing battle" propositions. I'm terrible at writing and often take a long time to figure out how to write a couple of lines. Gomennasai. >_<;

And finally got around to tying in ball #3 on the great afghan project. This time, the female sibling unit did something a bit different. She assaulted the poor end of the yarn (about 5 cms long) stripping it to the point that it unravelled, did the same to the start of the next ball, and then rolled the two ends between her palms until they re-intertwined. It seems to be holding together well, and the join got knit in on the pattern row. Tying in a ball that way is nice since it's quite seamless. ^___^ Otherwise, the afghan is currently around 1.5' in length and is no longer the utterly shocking mini-skirt lenght. :P So if it's 8-9"/ball... 8-9 balls in total? I still have a ways to go I see. ^^;

But, the female sibling unit picked up a book/mag on lacy shawls as well and that was looking quite promising as a source for the great cashmere afghan (assuming we don't get some nice stuff from Fleece Artist for that instead since it'd be a much better weight than DK...). :P Shall see if that's how things will go. Looking at the Barkarole, it suddenly occurred to me that, for all the meterage, there's only 1kg of yarn. :o I was a bit surprised. ^^;

And the female sibling unit is talking about going to Europe with a friend for a week. >_< I *so* want to go too (but will not invade). *le sigh* I'll have to find another way to get over to that side of the world and go crawling through the many castle ruins and the *museums*! >_<; Just stick me in some dusty corner (ghost optional) and I'll be all too content. ^^;

And we hit T&T supermarket today... It's either a new Pocky or one of their trial flavours, but I discovered a Black Sesame flavoured Pocky. It's actually not bad and I'm rather enjoying it now. (It was a bit unusual at first). I remember having black sesame ice cream once in a dessert shop in Japan and really loving it. And they had the beef tenderloin again... 3.5-4lbs of beef tenderloin... *___* And so, I need to figure out some more ways to cook massive (relatively speaking) chunks of beef. Last time, I did steak sandwiches for lunch too. ^^; I was happily stuffed on beef when we got it last time.

And the Farmer's Market over at the former Currie Barracks *finally* put up a sign so people can find it! Yay!! I've known about the Farmer's Market there for some time now but have never gone since, let's face it, the barracks were quite big! And of course, seeing where it is now, it wasn't even inside the barracks by the looks of it, but on one of the roads leading to it. Maybe I'll finally get out to it now. ^___^

Yep, miscellany puts it quite nicely. A bit of everything; none FB though.

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