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Shadow [userpic]

Up and running. Yay!

September 12th, 2003 (12:38 pm)

Yay! The script does indeed work and seems to be running fine. The BBS script seemed really slow once I got it up and running yesterday though, so I might try looking around a bit more for that one. lbbs (another CGI Cafe script from Tacky's room) that's used on Traumwelt's and Universal Green's temporary Yomino Yakata site looks interesting and possibly suited to what I'm wanting. I don't really want a message board per se so much as a Guestbook that allows me to reply to people since there are occasionally questions without e-mail addresses or other means of reply...

In any case, time to try out the other script instead of the one that's up currently and to hunt down those images. Could prove to be lots of fun... ^_^