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Ch 122 Comments

I don't think I've entirely taken in this chapter so I'll write up some of what Natsume commented today in her blog. Yesterday when reading FB she was so depressed and disconsolate over the chapter, but today, after thinking about things, she was wondering if maybe she hadn't gotten caught in Takaya-sensei's trap instead. The final scene where Kyo kisses Tohru; Kyo learned all too well how frightening it would be for him to possibly lose Tohru. Afterall, whether the two would be together or not depending entirely on Kyo. In any case, she suspects that the latest events have made Kyo change and move in a good way and that hopefully he'll start to move forward again from here on. *__* (We can always hope. ^^;)

Soushuu commented that saying "ichiou" in Shigure's comment when telling Akki that Kureno was all right was a little harsh and laughed. It's one of those things that's a bit hard to express/translate and I suspect they mean the subtext of the word, I'd typically translated the words as "for what it's worth" or "in any case", basically as a non-committal aside. ^^;

Otherwise, so many of the scenes this chapter were really sweet, dear, important, hints at things with the characters... Little details, but there. *___* (Some of which were written in my quick post to the FGML). Anyhow, like Natsume, I think I need to stew over this chapter a bit before I can form any proper views on the chapter. ^^; The kiss scene though, it does make me wonder. Tohru had been hoping for her thoughts/feelings to reach Kyo and she was hoping they would, Kyo telling her to lie still (lit don't talk), and that it was enough already (reminiscent a bit of Hiro's, Kisa's and Haru's conversation about Rin) and that he understood, the tears forming in Tohru's eyes when Kyo kissed her... It makes me think that Kyo has been forced to face things a little now, that (hopefully) he'll start to move forward rather than remain wallowing in the past, and that his kissing Tohru, tells her that as well. We can always hope. ;_;
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