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So weird...

The modem kit from Telus arrived today, and this is so weird. I'm used to high speed connects at hotels and such when I'm away from home, but usually I don't think much about the slower dial-up speeds at home since most of my 'net usage is going around forums and online shopping. Having high speed now is... a bit weird ang going to take some getting used to. ^^; Worse though, as much as I'd love to start going on a DL binge and such, since I'm on a laptop and have limited HD space... I'm seriously going to have to decide between a new HD or an external. >_< I'd love to get a 100 GB 7200rpm HD but they're a bit pricey. ... About the same price as I paid for my 50MB HD way back when. :P (Yes MB *laughs*)

Anyhow, just felt like mentioning it. :P Now to read what the fangirl said about FB a day after things have stewed in her brain. :P
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