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And so, after ginny_t so cruelly introduced me to Herbin inks, I must now fight for some semblance of self-control and keep from going hog wild after a bunch of other inks and pens while waiting for my orders to come in. >_< I went hunting through my things today and discovered that, of my old inks (calligraphy inks), 4 didn't survive the years, and my Pelikan 4001 was looking a bit thick but still usable. Straight small nib pens though might be a bit of a pain, and I think I might look for some better holders. I was never into calligraphy enough to actually warrant buying really nice holders. ^^;

Talking to the female sibling unit today, I asked if she'd be interested in hitting the high-high end yarn shop in town. We've never been there and only have a vague idea of where it is, but I thought it'd be worth a try. She was amenable to the idea, so assuming I finish all my work quickly on Wednesday, we'll be hitting the yarn shop, a spa/salon where she has a gift certificate... and Mona Lisa art supply store. >.< Apparently if we can't find parking, the female sibling unit said she'll just take the parking ticket. Parking tickets vs parking fees down in that area is supposedly different by ~$10. >_<;;

I wonder if I'll be able to convince her to hit Kensington which is on the other side of downtown (and the river) while we're at it. Kensington's art supply store actually lists Herbin as a company they carry which might mean the pens or it might mean the inks. Either way, it's nice knowing they definitely carry it rather than the stab in the dark approach. Oh well, it definitely won't be a wasted trip. I'm thinking about tossing my Pelikan 4001 anyways since it really was thick, and I'm thinking I'd like to get some nice paper supplies. While we're at it, we can see if anyone might even remotely carry 8 squares/1" 11"x17" grid paper. This is really common for use in calligraphy, but the local print shop that used to make it stopped many years ago. I did find a shop that carries it in the US, but it'd be nice if we could buy the stuff locally. *sigh* Oh well. If I'm really lucky, someone will either carry Noodle Inks or Private Reserve inks and I can have fun with them. *evil grin*

And... I think the female sibling is starting to want her ipod back. She signed up for a 3 year contract for high speed internet with Telus tonight. (It includes a free 2GB ipod Nano. We're hoping we can get a black one since white simply is NOT my colour. Me, I was thinking about picking up an ipod on my own anyways but... *shrug*). I'm happy at the thought of higher speed transfers but am not happy at the thought of all those telephone solicitation calls making it through to the house. There's a good reason for me to sit on the phone line all day/night long... :P Methinks I'll have to look into buying a proper firewall now. ^^;
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