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Tsubu-an recipe

WIP - steps towards making tsubu-an and koshi-an for use in making J sweets.
Recipes from:
You'll need to refer to the original recipes for photos of the checkpoints!

Making tsubu-an:

Start 9:00!

200 g azuki
250 g sugar

1 - measure 200g of beans.
2 - add water
3 - cover beans with water
4 - pot filled with water and beans. ~1.5 L of water added.
5 - turn heat on
6 - Heat should be about this strong (you can see?? - High heat) At this stage, it's okay to gently simmer the beans.

Around 9:15
7 - The beans have started absorbing the water
8 - At this stage, the beans are still a bit hard

Around 9:30
9 - After 30 minutes, the beans will be like this.
10 - At this stage, drain the hot water (to get rid of bitterness)
11 - Drain beans in a strainer. (Do not touch)
12 - In a pot, add beans and 1 L of water
13 - Bring to a boil on high heat

Around 9:40
14 - Some of the beans start to split
15 - Drop to low heat and let beans simmer (shouldn't bubble)
16 - 20-30 mins later, the water colour should start to change

Around 10:00
17 - Most of the beans should have split
18 - Look at the beans carefully at this point
19 - There should be some beans that haven't split yet. Continue simmering for 30-40 minutes to get them to split as well.

Around 10:50
20 - At this point, the beans should be so soft that it's difficult to scoop them up. Try eating about this many (about a dozen) beans at this stage and taste them. Make sure there aren't any undercooked beans.

21 - If there are no more undercooked beans, slowly add cold water to the pot to cool things down. Don't add lots of water at once.
22 - Once the hot water has been completely replaced with cold, continue to let cool until the water becomes clear. With this, the split beans' skin will shrink and the beans will be able to be picked up easily.
23 - Put beans in a strainer
24 - Let beans drain on their own
25 - Measure 250 g of sugar (makes a comment about pros having other methods to use, but we'll stick to the basics)
26 - Place drained beans in the pot
27 - Add sugar
28 - Pot with beans and sugar
29 - Mix beans with sugar (by shaking pot)
30 - The beans will become like this

Around 11:05
31 - Shake pot to mix beans and sugar over medium heat for 10 mins
32 - Water will come out from the beans
33 - Boil gently over medium heat. Don't worry, the beans will not burn.
34 - Occasionally push beans from the front of the pot to the back
35 - The heat should be around this level. Continue cooking on medium heat for about 10 mins
36 - To mix...
37 - Do this. Push, don't mix.
38 - Once the water is gone, in order to make tsubu-an, you need to crush the beans
39 - Crush them...

Around 11:20
40 - See, it's becoming tsubu-an
41 - Finally, to bring down the heat, divide the an-ko into numerous pieces to cool.
42 - If you do it this way, things will cool much faster, right?
43 - After things have cooled some
44 - The moisture will continue to leave the an-ko, so once cooled, wrap the an-ko in plastic wrap to prevent it from drying out
45 - This will keep in the fridge for one week.

* For 200g of beans, you should use around 250-300g of sugar. Sugar should be adjusted to your own personal taste.
* With this amount, you should be able to make around 550-600g of an-ko
* This an-ko will not last long, so please use it quickly for best flavour
* This recipe was presented for standard household kitchens, using standard kitchen items. Pros will have their own ingredients and items available to bring things to a higher level.
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