Shadow (kagedreams) wrote,

Just what was I doing?!?

I can't believe it. How many years have I been handling a knife and cooking without stupidly cutting myself only to do so yesterday!? I don't mean slipping with a knife or those sorts of accidents, I mean cutting veggies and move finger forward, move knife and slice. ...... Really, really stupid. I'm not the type to cut myself cooking (once every few years usually) but yesterday was just silly. At least it's neither deep nor serious. (No bandaid anymore either). The slice is just staring at me laughing. ^_^;;

Anyhow, Chapter 84's translation is now up. Hmm... Akito's an odd character. Part of me wonders what it could be that made him snap like that. So many different thoughts from possibilities that he loved someone (his mom?) very much but she ended up dying on him and he saw it as a betrayal? Worse would be if she'd been one of the 12shi since he would've realised how "powerless" he was as God.

Then there's the possibility that Ren was originally hidden from him and he later found out only to also find out that the 12shi reacted to (her) as though she too were God...

As for Kureno, seeing him in this chapter like Yuki always by Akito's side, he's probably somewhat estranged from the other 12shi as well. I can see why Rin wouldn't consider him one of them in that sense. I wonder if there's any other reason for it.

Ah well. Really looking forward to when Ch 85 comes out. ^_^

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