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Ack! >_<;;

Ack, ack, ack, ACK!! >_< B&N shipped via UPS. I committed financial suicide. *sigh* Oh well. The female sibling unit can pay the broker and import fees. :P I refuse to acknowledge them so she can (hopefully) pay for them. (Of course, it depends if it's paid on delivery or billed later too...). :P Oh. And I just checked and the package weight...... a whopping 23.70 lbs!! 0_0 I guess I can't complain about the shipping costs...

And, while reading through Hana to Yume 1 (which arrived today), there was a small ad at the end of the volume for 悪魔の住む家 (Akuma no Sumu Ie) and nearly had a heart attack. Something didn't look quite right and after a quick peek at the website ( it quickly became apparent why. It's Amityville translated. T_T I'd misread 悪夢 (akumu - nightmare) instead of 悪魔 (akuma - devil). *cry* 悪夢の住む家 is the title of the final Ghost Hunt novel by Ono Fuyumi and was published a few years after her Akuryou series was finished. It's a great story, and while there is a CD Drama for it, I'd *love* for there to be a Ghost Hunt movie; live action or anime I don't care which. T_T (Nahhh, I'm not obsessed, not at all...) :P

Ah well. I really must read more Ghost Hunt (akuryou series) books. But for some reason I picked up Charlaine Harris' vampire stories and her Lily Bard mystery books instead tonight. :P Silly me... ^^;
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