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Shadow [userpic]

Tsubasa Ch 5...

November 25th, 2003 (12:50 pm)

Almost finished Ch 5's translation. Yay! ^_^ Two or three little things to finish up and that's it. Otherwise... the site redesign is... ... Yuck! That's definitely not working out well. Graphic design and I don't seem to be getting along very well at the moment. Ah well. Shall fight with that again later.

Otherwise, chances are, as is true for Ch 5, that I didn't translate the author's note in Ch 4 again. I'll have to go back for that again. (oops)

On the FB side... I don't think I've actually been working on much there. Recent comments about Shigure mentioning Ren in the Fruity Group Mailing List has had me hunting down those comments. I can't believe I kept skipping over that frame! It must've taken 3 reads before I finally found it. >_< But... it still strikes me as a primarily innocuous scene. Hmm... FB seems to be starting to parallel Tsubasa more and more with Akito similar to Hilt / ?? Can't remember the girl's name. I wonder what Ren will end up being like. Otherwise, hopefully Ch 84 will be available soon since a number of the comments from the J Fangirl (Baby Pink's site owner) has me intrigued.

And on a completely other note... I finally gave in and picked up a walkthrough for Castlevania. I've had it for 3-4 days and I already got stuck! Talk about pathetic. Of course it would've helped if I'd remembered I'd died in one area and therefore hadn't finished going through it and that's where I needed to look to continue... Ah well. Now I'm just plain dying in the game. So much for being good at these sorts of things. The Walkthrough did tell me something spooky though; there are several game modes to play after completing the game. Each one giving a slightly different play aspect presumably. This could be scary... assuming I have the patience to sit through them all.

Ah well. Time to update the What's New pages and get those uploaded. ^_^