Shadow (kagedreams) wrote,

Honest! I'm alive! Sort of ^^;

I think I dropped off the face of the earth for the past few days. I suddenly got into DLing custom hairs, meshes for Sims 2 as well as fully updating all the hacks I'd previous DLed. >_< My own system is a bit screwy now because it's all a bit messed up, but the female sibling unit's version is fine. I was much more organised when DLing stuff for her and nothing should be out of place. ^^;; Typical isn't it? Oh, and be warned, I get the feeling this is going to be an "anything and everything" post... ^^;

And, we're barely into the 6th day of the New Year and the resolutions are......? Holding, broken? Didn't stand a chance?? :P I know the hopeless ones were pretty hopeless, but we'll see if I can't scavenge some of those things. Afterall, they're all... erm, mostly things I want to accomplish this year. ^^;

I swear, the older I get, the faster time seems to whip on by. I blink and a month or three has passed. >_< But, hopefully we'll see some more interest in 2006. Have to be careful with that though, "interest(ing)" can be very dangerous.

So far the knitting project is proceeding slowly though. I'm maybe 15cm to 20cm long? Doesn't even qualify as an ankle warmer. *sigh* I am impressed though. I'm on my second skein of yarn. ~54(?)" to go... ^^;

Yesterday saw the arrival of Specialteas package. Finally! This is why I hate using CanadaPost during/after Christmas. Things take forever to get places. We're still waiting for a package from CDJapan that got shipped out... almost 2 weeks ago. Normally it's a 5day wait, but this time... It's taking much longer. I think the FMA movie is in this order? Is that right? Which reminds me, I still haven't listened to the CD soundtrack to Emma "Silhoutte of a Breeze". ...... No, not tonight. I don't think I'd stay conscious beyond the first five seconds or so. Anyhow, Specialteas. I now have 5 of the stainless steel filter baskets. I much prefer ss over plastic mesh. Much better. ^^; They're the exact same as far as I've been able to tell as the ones from Harney's only $2 less on the sticker price (and a 10day longer wait for ordering, but that may have been a one off). Teawise, I haven't tried anything yet! >_< I didn't think about things when ordering, but they ship much like Upton's, re-sealable pouch packs. I don't have any spare tins right now and since I also have the order from Harney... They'll wait patiently. I'm doing a reasonably good job going through the teas from Harney even though consumption has dropped dramatically these past several days. Oh well.

Finally took down the Christmas Special from the site. It was supposed to go down on the 3rd since that's when things start getting back to normal in Japan again. I don't know why, but I think I was really struck by how that entire country seems to be closed during New Year's for 3 days. Of course, not having much food nor being able to buy much then might have something to do with it... ^^; These days, I think things have changed quite a bit. Things were done differently in Y2K because of potentially bugs and problems and I don't think they went back to "how they were" after (not sure). Oh well. ^^; Otherwise, didn't get around to the otoshi-dama I'd been thinking of possibly doing. Oops. ^^;

A couple of days ago, we got some packages in the mail for the office and the female sibling unit from Telus. We now have two Telus bunnies. (They're cute!) Their gift to us for maintaining our cellular coverage with them I guess (I have no idea how many years it's been. Many). Looking at Telus though, they're giving away 2GB Ipod Nano's for 3 year subscriptions to the highspeed internet services. Should I think about actually going highspeed? Does this mean I have to figure out how to network things in the house?? And get a proper firewall... >_<;; Oh the headaches of it all. I will admit though, the idea of being able to UL/DL things faster than my current dial-up is a nice thought. Possibly too tempting though. I think that's another reason why I shy away; too many things I'd get tempted into DLing. Going Telus or with my current ISP doesn't bother me one way or another. I'd probably maintain my dialup since it'd be useful to have. I'd hate to think of having another e-mail account though. I'm having problems remembering all of accounts and passwords. ^^;

The female sibling unit was evil and got me a sudoku (num-play) daily calendar. >_< So far so good, I've managed to do them. (Today's 3 star puzzle was easier than yesterday's 2 star??) Shall see if I manage the whole lot though. I know that there are some puzzles in the books I'd picked up in Japan that I couldn't do. ^^; (I'd occasionally pick up a book or magazine for passing time on the train, but I'd usually end up sleeping instead). Still, they're fun in a self-torturous, must think way. ^^;

Briefly toyed with the idea of making the chouquettes a la Ichi's posted recipe but decided against. No pots of the right size at the moment?? Whoops. ^^; Maybe later.

Umm... yeah. A bit of anything and everything babbling. I think I'm about to fall on my nose, so I'll be good a trudge off to blissful unawareness. All those replies I've been meaning to write will have to wait until daylight (sorry). I need to learn the concept of self-discipline better. ^^; I must be getting old. *sigh* I can't manage well on 2-4 hours a night anymore. :P

More later after studying the insides of my eyelids. :P
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