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Shadow [userpic]

"Stuff" but not stuffing. :P

December 28th, 2005 (04:52 pm)

current mood: chipper

And Ichi_san posted about the next HtY preview being up. Yay! ^__^ And more interestingly though was the little caption that went with the chapter.

孤独な魂と魂が出会った時、二人の間に生まれるモノは…!? "

"Kyo, who'd run off unable to accept Tohru's feelings. Akito appears holding a weapon (the assassin's dagger) appears before Tohru who'd been left alone. When the two lonely (lit. orphan) souls meet, that which is born between the two of them is...!?"

An interesting teaser...

And, Elina has posted a summary for Skip Beat 81 which presumably is in the same issue, so hopefully that means we'll be seeing more on this chapter soon. *___*

And I *finally* got my hair cut after... 6 months?! Has it really been that long?? (I'd held off on the offchance I'd get it cut in Japan. I like Mod's Hair there...). I've been struggling to find myself a regular stylist since my last one went on maternity leave over two years ago, only to never come back. (She had a second child afterwards in fact). Since then, I'd floated from one stylist to another, none of whom I really liked. (There was one I was liking this spring but she went back home after a few months -_-; ). So today, I finally decided to drop in at the local strip mall where a new salon / spa was opening up but was utterly empty (too new; not officially open), for a cut and style. I was quite happy with the cut although it was a fair bit poofier than I like at first. Shall see how the style settles in over the next day or two. The stylist suggested I should get a body wave done (increase body, decrease care) and that it would take about 2 hours; couldn't do it today since I didn't have the time. I'll think about that one. I don't mind, and I've been wanting to do stuff to my hair, but none of the stylists in between except the one who left town, had the guts to remotely suggest anything for a brand new client. (I'm very indifferent towards my hair except for: I hate hairspray, I don't mind mousse, I don't like anything strong scented, can't handle bergamot at all, and prefer low maintenance styles). This new girl is brand new to the city (2 months!) so she has no clientele at the moment, but worked 10 years as a stylist in Manitoba. (Y'know, of my last... 5 stylists, 4 have been prairie (Sask-3, Man-1) girls??) Shall prove interesting. Hopefully, she'll be staying and the salon will stay, and I'll have found myself a new stylist. *pray* I never thought it would be so difficult to find a stylist that had the guts and initiative to suggest styles, cuts, treatments before?!? I must've been very sheltered to only run into these problems after so long. Granted I've only had a handful of stylists overall before this headache began. ^^;

Knitting is going surprisingly "well" albeit slowly. After my first... okay one of my first "whoops!" when I started this afghan (I somehow managed to pull the circular needle apart as it's modular (it mustn't have been snapped in place properly) and dropped a bunch of stiches from the middle of the needle. >_<; Thankfully my sister managed to pick them all up and put the needle back together. Of course, we later discovered I miscounted when casting on and had to rip it all out again anyways...) I haven't dropped a single stich, no extra stiches, nothing (it's a simple feather and fan! What are you expecting?!) I'm rather disappointed. No repeat of my first knitting attempt with dropped stiches every row. Mind you, I'm not doing a cable either. :P I'm still tempted to find something nicer to work with. I want something really light and soft, so maybe an alpaca would work. Don't know about sneezy mohair. I get the feeling I'd end up eating have the fuzz. -_-;

And yesterday, I ended up making two of the cranberry recipes; Ultimate Cranberry Pudding Cake and Cranberry Orange Drops (cookies). x.x and ^_^ Something like that. The drop cookies turned out well even though they're a hint over done. I'm starting to wonder if the Silpats do something to the baking time. In any case, they were very yum, and I'm thinking about making another batch to use up the rest of the dried cranberries. I was a touch worried as the cranberries have sugar and oil listed in the ingredients and I didn't know if that was normal for dried cranberries. Still, end result was good so no worries. The cake...... >_<; The butter sauce is fine, the cake itself is fine. The cranberries...... >_<;;;; Since the fresh cranberries I'd bought the first time had gone bad, this time, we went with frozen ones. And ohhhhh were they ever SOUR!!! >_<;; I'm going to try the cake plain tonight without the sauce. I'm hoping that the sauce augments the stark contrast between the sauce's sweetness and the cranberries tartness because it was decidedly shocking yesterday. The male parental was picking out all the cranberries and just eating cake... ^^; Either that or next time, I'm going to have to cook the cranberries with some sugar to reduce that "slap in the face" tartness.

Anyhow, I should start hunting down my "cholesterol bowl" (sic leftover bird, stuffing and gravy). Yum! Leftovers! ^___^


Posted by: Occupation: Fandom (flamika)
Posted at: December 28th, 2005 10:00 pm (UTC)

Hmmm, it seems like the next chapter will focus on Akito and Tohru. Interesting. Thanks for the translating that! And it's cool that you found a new stylist. ^^ I've been going to my stylist for years, and though I keep hearing that she's not the best, I'm afraid to change...

Posted by: Shadow (kagedreams)
Posted at: December 28th, 2005 10:33 pm (UTC)

I found that comment about something being born between their two souls as very interesting... Can't wait to see what the next chapter holds! ^___^

Stylists are really subjective I find. The last one I went to cost almost twice as much as today's, but the best she could suggest for a cut (early summer-time) was a variant on a bob. o_0 I wasn't keen on it, but that's what she pushed and she was the *top* stylist (ie the artistic coordinator) for that salon! One of the other in-betweens I had, flat out refused to suggest a style and insisted on cutting my hair as it had been before. -_-;; So... I'm not interested in the most skilled per se compared to someone who has a little more interest in playing with hair and is willing to experiment more. ^^;

If you're happy with your stylist overall, be happy that you have a regular one and aren't fighting going from one to the next. When I don't like a stylist, I sometimes don't get my hair cut until it gets really horrible. If I do, I'm there like clockwork. (I'm getting the feeling I'll be going back for that wave...). :P

Posted by: Simply NANA (toriru4ever)
Posted at: December 28th, 2005 10:16 pm (UTC)

omg she usually posts the summary for furuba
after skip beat *_*

Posted by: Shadow (kagedreams)
Posted at: December 28th, 2005 10:34 pm (UTC)

Yup! So, *hopefully* in the next day or so, we'll have something. ^o^

Posted by: Shadow (kagedreams)
Posted at: December 28th, 2005 10:46 pm (UTC)

Oh, and for those who were wondering what was written on the image itself, it says something like:

The one closest and yet most distant. Unaccepting of one another; the "bird" and the "dog"


Interesting was 相入れぬ vs 相容れない

Doesn't accept one another vs incompatible.

Posted by: Laurie (ichi_san)
Posted at: December 29th, 2005 07:05 am (UTC)

Yay ! OMG I'm going to spend my day refreshing this Yahoo page.

Shadow : but Ichi, do you realise that Elina must be sleeping right now ?
Ichi : I do, but I can't help it !! I'm too excited !! XD

I wonder if this preview illustration will be used in an upcoming issue of HtY. It's so beautiful. At first I thought the reason it was on the website was to promote vol. 19 which is coming out in a little more than 2 weeks now, but turns out that it was a preview for chapter 121 after all. Thank you so much for translating what it says ! Can't wait for more Tohru/Akki interaction.

Oh and, I know how you feel. Here I am, 28 years old, never found any good stylist and lost hope long ago. Hope for you that you finally found the One.

Posted by: Milena (milena_tori)
Posted at: December 29th, 2005 12:18 pm (UTC)

The preview sounds exciting! *___*

Ah, and what about a photo? It would be interesting to see your new hairstyle! ^_~

Posted by: Laurie (ichi_san)
Posted at: December 29th, 2005 12:30 pm (UTC)

Totally agree, here. XD

Posted by: Shadow (kagedreams)
Posted at: December 30th, 2005 10:22 pm (UTC)

Oh~ no. Absolutely not. :P I put a whole new meaning to "camera shy" sometimes. ^^;;

Posted by: beamspam mcmuppet (snapdragon76)
Posted at: December 29th, 2005 01:41 pm (UTC)
Kureno & Ritsu NY dance '05 (flamika)

*vibrates with excitement on upcoming chapter*

And I know what you mean about stylists. The one I have now was recc'd to me by my previous one, who quit to raise her kids and now the one I have is on maternity leave until February therabouts. I hope she comes back, because I'd hate to try and break in a new one, especially when it comes time for me to get my hair colored again.

Posted by: ((Anonymous))
Posted at: January 6th, 2006 03:44 pm (UTC)

Wow cant wait for the next furuba chapter but im moving to japan with my family in bout a year for my fathers job im 16btw lol soo i neeeed someone to teach me japanease so please anyone willing to help me can mail me at ItsNotMeItsU27@aol.com

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