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?!? I_will_not steal. -_-;;

Okay, this is just plain weird. I've bought gifts for my sister and I've "stolen" things from her before, but... I don't think I've ever felt like stealing something I gave her before. ^^;; I got her (at the last minute) a 2GB iPod Nano for Xmas. And while working on the bird this afternoon, she snuck up behind me, slipped it in my pocket, and stuck the earbuds in. (My hands were mucky with stuffing or bird guts at the time). I'm not giving it back... or at least not until all the music's done playing or the battery dies; whichever comes first. :P

-_-;; I simply didn't expect the thing to be as small as it is so I didn't think I'd want one. I don't often listen to music around the house, and my 'puter's HD isn't large enough to allow for indiscriminately adding music tracks. *sigh* If the want stays, I might have to give in and buy myself one later. (Not sure, since it seems to require the 'puter and mine just *doesn't* have that sort of space available; and I'm not replacing the HD). When I told my sister I wasn't giving it back for awhile, she just laughed. Mind you, she's used to having things like this disappear on her... like George (her first e-dictionary), or her PSP which hasn't made it back yet (I haven't finished listening to the Ghost Stories yet; mind you, we tend to buy her these sorts of things first before buying them for ourselves or anyone else, so she's the electronics gadget guinea pig). :P At least I'm not stealing on my own accord this time compared to her handing them over. ^^;; (<-- making excuses??) Otherwise, my sister did ask if we were going to be buying me a present later this week. I'm going to try to be good and refrain. ^^;;

Tomorrow will be her buying herself some fuzzy presents; we'll be being semi-insane and braving shops on Boxing Day to go to a yarn sale. I vaguely remember going last year or the year before and discovering that... I can't remember who does the yarn (someone in the Maritimes) but it's a hand dye job and their yarns are wonderful. And I'd ended up buying yarn for a sweater for her to knit for me. -_-;; At least it'll be at a strip mall rather than a shopping centre. Shopping centres are likely to be utterly insane. I am tempted to go after some new bedsheets though. I never did go back for those sheets at the bedding shop. ^^; The other thing is, by the looks of things, the Nano isn't going to be on sale for Boxing Day / Week sales so there's no major rush to go after one. The bad thing is, I'm starting to want to crochet or knit again. Maybe an afghan or similar. -_-;; Which means I'll want some yarn, probably a wool... the problem is, tomorrow's yarn shop is primarily high end. Knitting (or worse, crocheting!) an afghan out of cashmere while really nice, would be pretty ridiculous. ^^;

Was it two days ago now?? We had a power outage for ~40 mins during which time I decided to take my shower in the dark. ^^;; Since it's been a while since I'd done that last, the mind starting thinking up images of... was it Freddy? In any case, the mind started thinking of possible settings for a fan fic for GH. >_< Shall see if I go with it or not. It's been a long time since I last wrote a fan fic and the fingers are starting to get the itch again. ^^;

Otherwise, lately, I've been mostly drinking the teas that came in from Harney's. I have to admit, I'm really liking their teas. Okay I'm not fond of the Supreme Breakfast flavour-wise (maybe it's the Hao Ya B Keemun??) one of the teas in the blend has a quality to it that I don't like. The first time I'd had their darjeeling blend, I wasn't too impressed with it either. It was highly astringent; much more than I like my teas. But today, with a 2.5 min steep, it's quite nice and went well with the apple/pear pie dessert we had after roast bird. I'll have to re-evaluate on this one. Price-wise, they're a bit more expensive, but they use good tins and I like the quality. The other thing I really like is how they ship; EMS! Granted it's a bit more expensive, but it's faster and trackable.

Anyhow, I'm going to start thinking about whether I'm going to write that GH fanfic or not. My style of writing is definitely not short so... >_< Of course, I might just start playing an online game and pass the time that way too. Shall see. :P

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