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12 Days of Xmas - Day 11...

F- finished at last! I actually managed to finish that CD Drama, but I'll also admit, there were some lines I had to fudge over. ^^;; I can't hear exactly what they're saying in some places and either had to infer or guess a bit. >_< Hopefully the links makes sense as to what's where. ^^;; If they aren't, please tell, and I'll set up a secondary DL link for the CD Drama itself. (I didn't realise I'd recorded in *.wma format...)

And that's the last of the work I had remaining for the special. The last day's already complete so all I have to do is update a couple of pages and UL it tomorrow night. I also have to wrap my sister's Xmas presents. :P There are things scattered all over this house right now... ^^;;

Otherwise, finally got the latest Amazon package yesterday after the female sibling unit went and picked it up at the DHL depot. >_<;; I don't think we'll be using Amazon JP anymore. Definitely not during Christmas season, and possibly not at all anymore. I'm sick of this sort of stupidity, and can get much better and reliable delivery from HMV Japan (FedEx). (FWIW, I expect a bit of stupidity from CanadaPost). The problem will be books. :-? DHL received the package on Monday morning and had the package on a truck but didn't deliver, there was no trace of the package at all on Tuesday, it didn't get delivered again on Wednesday, and again no trace of it on Thursday until I put a tracer on the package. I wasn't going to risk not getting the package on Friday (before Xmas in other words) and had it held at the depot for pick-up following the trace.

I'm sorry, but no aspect of waiting four days for delivery in city makes for "express courier". And here I'd thought 3 days without delivery was poor! I've had FedEx miss delivery *one* day (during Xmas season) but never more than that. (They also couldn't find our door once, but they called when that happened, so no biggie. I actually don't mind missing delivery for one day because I don't live in the downtown core; downtown, I'd have a problem with it). I've also had a package come in during Xmas on Saturday via FedEx(the 24th!), and when I called to see if I could pick it up, they had no problems with that even though it wasn't scheduled for Sat delivery, processing or anything.

The trick now will be to write a letter of complaint to Amazon JP's customer service. Until the beginning of this year, we'd actually been boycotting Amazon JP for 2 years because of a similar instance during Christmas season, except at that time, we had no response from DHL's customer service as well. This time, rather than 3 it was four days, and the girl who was tracing the package for me, didn't ever call to say the package was at the depot. What? I'm clairvoyant? Or telepathic? I had to call back *again* in order to find out the status of the box since it wasn't listed on their site either once it was found. Oddly enough, she had the time to call and say "hi I'm so-and-so. I'll be taking care of your trace" though. Go figure.

Anyhow, tomorrow's Christmas Eve. I should pull out a bottle of wine or something to chill maybe. No red wine to make mulled wine with (not to mention not enough bodies for such an endeavor). *le sigh* I think I've hit the insanely busy turning point and am about to go into the nothing to do side now. Ah 'twill be good to do nothing for a bit. ^_____^ Or maybe I'll be really stupid and pick up some adzuki and mochiko when we hit the Asian market next week. ^^;; (That'd be the female sibling unit's department though). :P

Well, if anyone has problems with the CD Drama, do tell. Otherwise, enjoy. I really like track 6. :P

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