Shadow (kagedreams) wrote,

Non-update / update

I knew it had happened but for some reason it just didn't entirely register maybe? When Merrow asked about randomfandom's message board suddenly losing about a week's worth of messages and later discovering that we'd moved servers during that time, it never occurred to me that "that means you too!" and that I'd lost a few updates. Of course, I didn't realise this until I went to add a bit more to Tsubasa / FB Ch 29 while at work only to discover what was supposed to be there wasn't. Oops! ^_^;;

Updates are probably going to slow down a touch over the next while as I decided to pick up a couple of games while getting the audio adapter for my Gameboy Advance SP. Yikes! I knew I wanted to know how the sound was for my Conan game (pretty arcade-like) but one shouldn't look around when buying something like that. A $5.00 purchase ended up over $50.00 thanks to Castlevania: Circle of the Moon and Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars. Shame on me for buying games! Just before Christmas too! ^_^;;

Otherwise, the current site redesign is limping along. Some of it I like, others parts... it's definitely lacking cohesion. Some central concept or theme that can run through... I can keep the FB aspects for the FB side but the rest... ... ...I should also look at standardizing the sizes of the images on the FB page. -_-

Ahhhh.... we'll see what I can figure out. Maybe I'll re-scan all the covers in higher detail so I can size down at will and not worry about being too small. I wonder if the FB character book has some stuff for Tsubasa. Oh, and I must remember to add the new icons to the blog as well.

Anyhow, as for this "update," whatever had been updated until the server move has now been restored. ^_^

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