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12 Days of Xmas - Day 10.

...I don't...... I don't think I'll make it! >_<;; One more day until a certain something is planned for UL and I'm only 3/8 finished so far. The bulk of the thing is still unfinished. T_T I wonder how much sleep I really need in 24hours. Especially this close to Christmas... :P

Otherwise, I think I might be in love. <3 Ah, such cool beauty. Such openness and depth. And the tightest weave I've ever seen in stainless steel mesh. Did I mention I was talking about a tea strainer I'd just gotten from Harney's? :P I'll have to see how the thing works out over the next while, but I was really impressed based on it's appearance and the one cup I've made so far with it. Well worth the price. ^___^

Otherwise, yesterday's baking of the individual mint fudge cakes... The cakes weren't overly *sweet* per se, but they were very CHOCOLATE!! They were also a touch dry. ^^; Still, I found them yummy and maybe if I doused the cake with a bit of sauce instead of putting the sauce on the plate (I failed plating 101 BTW, absolutely zero sense), it'd take care of the slight dryness. I don't know if I'll repeat this one again since it was so chocolatey. The valentine hearts I'd made a couple years back might be a better, really basic, choco cake recipe in that sense. ^^;

I have to remember to take the bird out of the freezer tomorrow if we're going to have dinner on Christmas. Maybe I'll be really silly and pull out the quail too. Bird and bird. Mayhem and destruction. Sounds good to me. :P Anyhow, let's see how much I can actually complete by tomorrow's update. >_<;;

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