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12 Days - Day... 5?

I think that's right. I don't have that info in front of me. :P Anyhow, the next day is now up.

Still no other info showing up, but since the actual release date is Monday, it's possible that many people haven't picked up a copy of/read HtY. Still in waiting but shall see how things go.

While thinking about the 12 days bit, I thing I'll toss in a little something naughty. :P Not really, but it's not something I did as something I picked up many moons ago when the anime had been announced. We'll see if/when I release it. Which reminds me, vol 19 will be released next month... but I don't have much I want to order. Ordering a stocking stuffer for the female sibling unit took a bit of a stretch as well (I had to put in an order to get Emma CD and Detective Conan's latest movie DVD. Unfortunately, the movie's sounding fairly mediocre). :-/ I do have one CD Drama I want to pick up, although if I can manage it, I'll see if I can't pick it up as a little add-on to the female sibling unit's b-day present in April. That might be seriously stretching things as she might find out about the thing. Shall see. :-?

Not much else going on as I decided against turning into the abominable flour monster today. :P Will have to do some stuff tomorrow though. For one thing, we've got mini cookie cutters now. (Not festive, but mini and they definitely beat cowboy boots and hats. I think there might have been a dog bone shaped one as well...).

Anyhow, back to my Ghost Hunt fanfic reading... :P

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