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Twelve Days - Day 4...

And for Day 4, we take a trip into a Ghost Hunt fan sub I did some time ago as I played with a subtitling program (MAGpie). I only did it in RealPlayer format though. :P Unfortunately, something different between my current and previous laptops prevent me from being able to use that program at the moment. -_-; Oh well. Might be just as well. ^^;; It's been a while since I last listened to the CD Dramas for Ghost Hunt and I'd forgotten how good some of them were... and how much I wanted to strangle a character in the last CD Drama. :P I wish I knew what I did with my MD version of them though. It's a pain having to use my CD player sometimes. >_<

Otherwise, spoilers and a summary for Ch 120 have shown up over on RosettaStone Cafe. Definitely sounds like an interesting chapter and I can't wait to read it! It sounds like Ch 121 will be the one to wait for though. >_< Currently, none of the sites I usually check have any information about the upcoming chapter. One of them hasn't updated for... 2 weeks now so I'm not sure if they've stopped blogging or if they're away / busy at the moment. Shall see what shows up over the next few days.

I've noticed I'm decidedly fond of the word "otherwise" lately. It tends to show up an awful lot in some posts. ^^;;

And beyond that... (<- I didn't use "otherwise" ^^;;) baking tonight was interesting. Nothing new made, but we did two batches of the eggnog cookies for freezing. While working on them, the female sibling unit came up with the bright idea of trying out using the leftover eggnog and make choux a la creme. :o An interesting idea and since no one's going to drink it, and we have 500 mL left over... So I'll try that concept out tomorrow and see how the 'nog reacts to being used in custard cream. That and we have 4 eggwhites now so I'm thinking about trying out the chouquettes recipe only using eggwhites alone and seeing how they turn out. I suspect they'll be less flavourful than using two eggs since there's no yolk but... Depending on how things go, I might see about making a batch of chouquettes as written but that'll probably be beyond what time I'll have.

Since the eggnog cookie recipe suggests using one yolk if no 'nog is to be had... I wonder if I should include yolks in the custard?? Certainly cut down on the sugar... This'll be a bit tricky and weird to juggle, but it'll prove interesting. ^^; The chouquettes are much less confounding since I'm pretty confident the choux will rise alright and respond well to eggwhite rather than whole egg. The worry is in the flavour although, if it doesn't work out, I can always fill with 'nog custard... assuming it turns out. :P

Tomorrow too, I think I'll make the candies. Everything else is in place. Hopefully, I won't be stiff tomorrow. I had sore arm/shoulder muscles from all of the rolling/crushing I did yesterday. ^^;

Otherwise, I have one day to figure out how to attempt cooking lambchops. I've never tried cooking lamb before so I decided to bite the bullet and picked up some nice chops to try out. The question is... what do I do with these things?? Oh well. Should prove interesting. Hopefully I won't food poison anyone. :P

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