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Thank you, *whimper*, oops...

Umm... yeah. Miscellaneous post. ^^;;

First thank you Ysa-chan! I got your Christmas card yesterday but forgot to include a thank you in yesterday's post as I was literally falling asleep at the keyboard then. ^^;

*whimper*... I think my basic out-of-itness for the past couple of days including the extreme sleepiness might be partially due to a weather shift. I don't usually have strong reactions (a la migraine) to the shifting weather patterns, but every now and then, I will get the odd migraine, headache, or go "splat". Today was the headache that tylenol doesn't help and "splat". ^^; So despite my intentions, no baking tonight. :P

Oops... Last week, I got impatient waiting for Specialteas to ship my order (in total it took a little under 2 weeks) and so I put in a subsequent first order with Harney & Sons... Harney shipped yesterday. Specialteas shipped today. -_-;; I'm going to be inundated with ~3.5lbs of new teas... But the good news is that there are a number of black / black blends so I'll have something different. More importantly I'll have something for mornings again. Darjeeling's nice, but it doesn't have that grab you, shake you around, boot you in the butt, "wake up!" quality to it. ^^;

Ordering from Harneys wasn't bad, and while it took a few days to ship, shipping to Canada is via insured trackable airmail compared to the more typical air parcel post. Harneys suggests that receipt should be within 3-5 days, so we'll see. Also, while international shipping prices on the initial order form were frighteningly high, the final costs were reasonable for shipping to Canada given the weight of the order (I figure over 3 lbs). I'm tempted to try ordering either a teapot or teacup from them now since they insure their shipments. (I've been avoiding online ordering of fragile items like that).

And while working today, I have this vague feeling I had a dyslexic moment and gave someone the wrong phone number when leaving a message?? Oops. I don't think I've ever done that, but some things are so automatic that I'm not sure if I gave it correctly or not. ^^;

Tomorrow's baking... hmm... I can go back into full baking mode again as we picked up some flour today. I was running really low for a bit. Oops. ^^;; That and I picked up a couple "silpats" so I get to try them out too. ^o^ Maybe a couple of eggnog recipes for freezing (that'll bring the eggnog usage to a reasonable level) or possibly Flamika's Pan de Polvo recipe?? I think I've got everything for that now, but will have to double check. And... maybe a different pumpkin loaf recipe. I need to use up the rest of that pumpkin ASAP. And I seriously need to pick up some paperbags so I can crush those candies. Ziplocs just can't take that sort of punishment. Or maybe between some papertowels...?? That might be a possibility...

Shall give that a try tomorrow. ^_^

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