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Shadow [userpic]

Little by little

November 15th, 2003 (12:49 pm)

Aaaahhhh!!! Stupid idiot! Just write up an entry only to hit the "Clear" button! Stupid!! >_<

Anyhow... what did I say? What was I thinking.... Up this time is mostly Tsubasa stuffs. Chapter 5 is slowly approaching completion although it's extremely rought at the moment. Hopefully I'll be able to get it finished this weekend although it may drag itself out into the week. Lots of work still to do at the moment that *must* be taken care of. T_T

Site side, I'm going to have to look at doing a bit of reorganisation. Having gone from a section of a GH site, to a FB centered site with GH and Tsubasa hidden on it, things are getting a bit messed up. The only thing is of course the graphics are all centered around the FB side.

In anycase, I'll have to look more at the GH CD drama as well. That's been lots of fun and listening to it again after so long... it's rather interesting how many things you notice when you get a "fresh" look at things. In any case, shall see if I can't finish a bit more of that drama as well. It's too much fun. ^_^;;

Otherwise, Ch 29 for FB is going oh so slowly. That chapter with the Prince Yuki fan club is just going frustratingly slowly... ah well. Hopefully in another week... ^_^;;