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Ch 118 Summary

Summary has now been posted to the site. A lot of straight translating this time. -_-; The maid's fight and Akki deserved it though. ^^;

Otherwise, Ch 119... maybe tomorrow. It looks like such a sweet yet sad chapter. ;_; There are some interesting bits about when Kyo met Kyoko (he refused to tell her his name after hearing hers because they're similar! ^o^ ) We also get a hint more detail about Kyo's mother and father and her suicide. Poor Kyo. T_T

It's all my fault... I stole (her life). I ...I let her die......

Banner: In order to protect his small "self", Kyo forsook something that can never be replaced. That regret is very heavy...

To be continued in Issue 2, Dec. 19 release.

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