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Shadow [userpic]

Quick Note

November 19th, 2005 (04:39 pm)

Just a quick note of various things regarding the site.

- Ch 118 summary should be up some time tonight.
- There are a number of broken links which still need to be fixed. A couple have been done but notably among the remaining are the link list, guestbook, and Ghost Hunt pages. GH will take a while longer as I change the format of the section as the manga has been licensed and is currently being released by Del Rey.
- Ch 114 is still pending. T_T I really have to get off my tuff and work on it. >_<
- Hopefully more photos later tonight or tomorrow depending on when they come back from the developers. I really hope the wedding and miko shots turned out (I only took 1 each). Oh, and the TANUKI! :P
- Nothing else out on Ch 119 so we'll see when it becomes available. There's a 1 month break after this chapter. T_T That's okay, I want to know what happens next month in Skip Beat. I read the teaser on Hakusensha's site... :o

Oh, and I really must stop listening to the ghost stories that I apparently picked up for my sister (I thought it was a horror game...) for the PSP. There are some 50 short stories and I'm slowly working my way through them all... and staying up all night to do so. Doesn't help with the jetlag... :P