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Ch 118 Quick notes

Back from dinner. :P Anyhow, I don:t have my HtY in front of me as it:s in my hotel room (I:m currently in the lobby) but here:s a quick rundown of the chapter from what I recall as well as some weirdness that I have to look at again. Beware, Ive had a bit to drink this evening so I:m not sure how much sense I:ll make. Also, the : is where the ' usually is so replace them mentally as you read. :P

Picking up from last chapter, Akito is suddenly brought up short as she feels Hiro released from the curse. Ren goads her asking her why she stopped. Hiro, feeling himself freed from the curse hugs Hinata and cries. Satsuki, seeing Hiro holding Hiro holds them both. Hiro apologises saying that he:s going through mixed feelings and can:t just be happy about things and Satsuki comments how parting is always very sad/lonely and that Hiro:s lived with the curse his entire life.

Kureno talks to Akito and tells her how what he wanted to talk to her about was the need to change (Before this Akito ranted about how she wasn:t told how to react to certain situations) and that Akito can learn from here on. Akito then goes on how Kureno:s always done things so willy nilly (only half taking care of things-wise) and remembers how he:d held her after she:d had a bad dream when she was young. She stabs Kureno in the back and tells him to make amends, to die and make amends for that and then runs off.

One of the maids comes across Kureno bleeding and starts to make a fuss but Kureno tells her to go after Akito and seems to go after her himself. Is it me or when he collapses, is that just clothes left behind?!? Arisa and another girl are cleaning the front of the shop when they find a dead bird. They:re not sure how it died when another employee there comes out and asks if they:ve finished cleaning out front and they tell him about the dead bird. (I think he told them to clean it up too..) Arisa crouches down by the bird and talking to it asks if it had been exhausted. ie perhaps it died of exhaustion.

I can:t remember when the image shows up of Akito thinking how she:s always been an outsider and remembers the last New Year:s get together. All the others were there and Yuki had said that one couldn:t move forward if they always blamed others. There:s an image of Ayame? from behind that makes me wonder if Ayame also wasn:t released from the curse during the chapter but as yet unsaid. Just an impression I had.

At the end of the chapter we had Tohru and Kyo at Shigure:s when Tohru goes after Kyo telling him she wanted to talk to him. Kyo has a very dark expression on his face as the chapter ends. The banner for the next chapter also wasn:t too promising of how Tohru was trying to tell Kyo something but Kyo... Sorry, can:t remember exactly what the banner said. ^_^;

Anyhow, some of what:s written here is also my speculation and all of it:s based on memory of what I read a few days ago, so definitely no guarantees on accuracy until I get back home and can write things up for the site. Unfortunately, I don:t think I:ll still be here for when the next issue is released. >_< I can hope, but I leave on the 16th so chances are it:s too early.

Anyhow, I:ve got to get myself a drink (non-alc) since I:ve drunk quite a bit at dinner. :P

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