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Shadow [userpic]

Update ^_^

November 11th, 2003 (12:48 pm)

Finally finished Ch 83 and hopefully it should be up now. (Will have to make sure it worked alright.) Being a holiday so soon after such a long break made for a nice quiet day. I can't believe it took me so long to find the book that I'd misplaced with my notes for Tsubasa Ch 6. At least I finally have it again... not that I'd done that much. Five pages or so IIRC. Ch 5 has much more done but typing it out takes so long. Sometimes I have to wonder why I bother writing things out first but... it's so much more portable than hauling around a computer.

Otherwise... back to work tomorrow. *sigh* In this "cold", it's not exactly a lot of fun. Of course, things are only going to get colder and colder for the next several months. T_T

Ah well. Time to get on with other things... (work on GH again?!?)