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Shadow [userpic]

Quick note from Matsue

November 9th, 2005 (06:11 pm)

current mood: tired

Just thought I'd pop in and write a quick note. I'm currently in Matsue, and spent the day today going to Yakumo village and going to a museum there. After that, we went to Matsue Castle (one of the few original castles left in the country). I've actually been to Matsue and this region before but not the museum. Took some interesting photos which I:ll post once I get back.

Otherwise, to date, we got in to Tokyo and stayed in Ginza/Tsukiji the first night, afterwhich we went to Shinjuku and stayed there. Shinjuku was actually quite interesting and I enjoyed the area. Lots of shopping and stuff to do. We didn:t manage Ghibli Museum and while I could probably try getting tickets now.. well shall see. We need to figure out where to go after tomorrow. We:ll be stopping in Osaka overnight and probably dropping off my Dad:s camera for repairs as it:s been giving him some problems. Mine has too, but of a different nature. (I:m: currently very incompetent in using it...)

After Shinjuku, we went to Niigata and went to a shrine there. An interesting area but I don:t think there:s too much to do...? After Niigata, we went to Toyama, but high winds kept us from going anywhere and shelved any real sightseeing there. If there was rain to go with the winds, I think we:d have thought we were in the midst of a typhoon.

After Toyama, we went to Okayama and Okayama Castle. It:s a re-construction though. The first time I was in Okayama, we were hoping to go to the castle but it had been closed for renovations. Not really worthwhile in my books since it:s very much a modern re-construction. Much better to take time to go to Bitchu-Matsuyama (Takahashi) and see a small original castle there. After Okayama, we went to Izumo and Izumo Taisha. Our accomodations there... >_< I:ll write more on that once I get back home. :P

In a couple more days, Izumo will be host to all the gods (kami) of Japan (Kanaridzuki) while the rest of the country will be without (kannadzuki). We missed by a few days. :P

ANyhow, that:s been where we've been to date. Ignore the typos as I:m on a J keyboard which has keys and charas in al sorts of weird places. :P

Oh, one last note. My feet HURT!! My legs and feet have hurt since day one here thanks to all the walking. The good thing though is the FOOD and the FRUIT!! YUM! :P