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Shadow [userpic]

Forgot to mention (Ch 117) Oops. ^^;

November 2nd, 2005 (07:10 am)

No, not ch 118, but 117. Apparently when I first wrote up that chapter, I missed DLing a page. I believe it's just before the old woman gives Akito the box. (I'd wondered why it seemed abrupt, but since it was a flashback, didn't think too much of it). I'll have to add it in when I get back. The page starts with the ladies in waiting / maids telling Akito how great she'd been taking such a firm stand against that woman (Ren). Akito however, says how, the one that her father loved most wasn't herself but... And the old woman interrupts her telling her no, that the she was the one Akira loved most, and that she mustn't be deceived by Ren.

Otherwise, nothing has shown up about Ch 118. (Too early I guess). ^^; So, the summary will have to wait until I get back and a little over the return jetlag. Ugh! Going there isn't so bad, but jetlag on the way back... I still haven't quite figured out how to kick that one. One week of brain-dead zombification. >_