Shadow (kagedreams) wrote,

All packed and on the hunt...

For something to do for the next... 8 or so hours. >_<;; The one thing I've always hated about going to Japan is jetlag. Since they're... 10? 11? hours ahead of my time zone, it's quite the shock to the system. So typically I try not to sleep the night before the flight and zombify for flight day (doesn't help that we just had daylight savings though...). >_< The good thing about being jetlagged though is that we typically wake up around 3-4 AM the first morning we're there although we usually wait until 5 AM before moving about. What's open then? Virtually nothing of course (although train service starts up again around then). However, since we're staying in Ginza, and more importantly are close to Tsukiji fish market, by the time we get out there, lots of stalls will have food for the buying. ^____^ Nothing like truly fresh food. We actually somehow managed to wander into the market area where they were transporting the goods once and it was an utter madhouse. Had to watch out for getting run over by giant tuna and other things being carted about. ^^;;

The good news is I think I'm packed. Or at least as packed as I'm gonna get for this trip. (I've already realised a couple of things were missing and had to add things. The most recent? The guide book!) :P Surprisingly both the male parental and I are taking carry-on size suitcases (one each) for this trip (usually it's a 27" suitcase each for all the "stuff" we expect to buy). While in Tokyo, we need to pick up a couple things including:
- a digital watch for me (my last one died)
- an SLR camera for me (possible X-mas present from my Dad! I wonder if he realises I want to get one with a 28-300 lens...) :o
- several pads of 8 squares per inch A3 graph paper (for work. I used to do calligraphy and this was a common grid paper to work on, but for some reason it's virtually impossible to get hold of now. -_-; One copy shop here used to print the stuff but apparently they no longer do so. Hence buying it while in Japan of all things!)
- new mini-razor for the male parental. He likes little gadgets... Last time(?) we were there, he bought this tiny mini-razor for around Y1000 ($10) to try out and I guess he likes it for being extremely lightweight but it also has no power and the battery doesn't last too long. :P
- some clothes. Maybe I'll get a new winter nemaki or maybe a summer one (if they have any out). I really like nemaki for sleeping, they're so comfy except for cooking by the stove first thing in the morning. Always have to be careful of the sleeves and flambe'ing myself. :P Hard to say though, might be better to buy in Osaka when we're at the end of the trip.

Other planned purchases (what is this? A shopping trip? Don't answer that...):
- tea Uji's gyokuro and hopefully some hoji-cha from Tsujiri. Don't think we're going to make Shizuoka this time...
- a PSP or Nintendo DS for the female sibling. The male parental owed me a 1GB chip for my b-day (several months ago) which the female sibling picked up for me a few days ago, so the male parental now owes her some sort of handheld game. The sad thing is, she doesn't play handhelds. Go figure. *shrug*
- a new alarm clock for me (my last one died a week ago. *Wonderful* timing... My old one was a digital talking clock that said: "tadaima no jikoku wa go zen/go ****, ondo wa secchi *** do" In other words it'd tell me the time and the temperature in Japanese and was something I bought when I was living over there. I really hope I can find something similar :P Oh, forgot to mention, one of the ring settings? It crows like a rooster! My sister almost killed me because she couldn't figure out how to turn off the alarm when visiting me one year. And hitting the snooze button caused the clock to talk to you... I think she ended up waking up a lot earlier than she wanted to on that trip. :P
- Harry Potter Book 2 Hardcover for the female sibling unit. Part of my Xmas present to her methinks.
- new four wheel suitcase. The male parental is tired of fighting with 2-wheeled suitcases and has been fixated on the J 4-wheel style. Probably a 27" suitcase.
- a few books... very few this time actually. We need to find some more titles to try out. I guess the good thing about this though is that, we won't try sending a package of books home only to have them "returned to sender". My sister had a confused and upset phone call apparently while we were on vacation last year when someone got a box for us and didn't even know we were in the country. Oops! ^^;;
- 15(!) pens for the female sibling. She's very particular about liking certain gel pens from there. ^^;
- hopefully a bottle of nice ume-shuu. I'm much too addicted to this drink. ^^;

The order of business while we're there and travelling? Eat, eat and eat some more! ... Okay maybe not quite. But I do plan on eating my fill of persimmons and hopefully try to get some early season mandarins if they're out yet. :P (I've GOT to go in June again so I can have peaches...) *_*

The bad thing is that it started snowing late this afternoon and wasn't looking good. Hopefully roads'll be okay tomorrow morning. Every now and again, it snows the day of or just before travelling and it always makes me nervous. This year though, it's first snow which is bad. For some reason, drivers here are too stupid to realise that they need to slow down on snowy roads for the first few days / times it snows and there are always so many accidents. >_<

While checking out Lawson's (convenience store) website, they have pre-orders for Howl's Moving Castle and apparently if you pre-order through them you get the video, a North American promo poster for the movie, a deck of cards and something that looks like a 1/24 sec strip of the movie. I *want* that! But the video doesn't come out until Dec. so I can't do it. >_<;;

Anyhow, time to try and find something to do for the next...6-7 hours. >_

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