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Ch 117 Comments

The summary for the chapter should be going up some time in the next hour or so (depending on how the UL takes. I suspect the tracks for the CD Drama are going up at the same time right now...). >_<

In any case, this was a very sad but insightful chapter into Akito's character, just how much she really knew, why she did the things she was and what lies between her and Ren. Some time ago, I'd tried to figure out a reason why Akito would deliberately try to push away the 12shi and trying to come up with some reason for this in terms of leading to breaking the curse. I never considered her doing it as a means to affirm the bond/curse.

Ren's comments to Akito of merely being a toy for Akira to kill time... It's easy to see how Akito would view others as toys or things for her own pleasure with such a mother as any sort of role model. However, not only was there Ren, but also the old woman, in her own way, furthering the division and power play in the family with child Akki... Previously, Shigure saying that Akito had no need for the box and that it was fitting for Ren to have it... I really do wonder if he knew the contents of that box.

I want to return... to that day...
It must have been heartbreaking for Akito when the last thing Akira said, was Ren's name. Until that time, thinking that Akira loved her most only to find out that Akira wished Ren would be most happy about having a child and that Akito's being special was proof that they themselves were special... must have been quite the shock and revelation for chibi Akki.

......In any case, a very heavy and gloomy chapter. ;_;

Continued in Issue 23 Nov 5... I'm away Nov 2-16, so I'll be picking up HtY as soon as it's out but... No idea when I'll be updating/have 'net access during that time. If scans are made available before I leave, we'll see if I might be able to scrawl something together. I try not to sleep the night before the flight so I can sleep on the way over. It helps a bit with jetlag. :P

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