Shadow (kagedreams) wrote,

Ch 117 quick comment

Just finished DLing the scans and read through it quickly but no time to write much up at the moment (it's 2 AM and I have to get up and do stuff tomorrow...). Anyhow, very quickly, it's primarily and Akito chapter and we get to find out about the bet between Akito and Ren, what was in the box and who gave it to her (and why? can't quite recall for sure about that). We also get to see a little of what Akira thought about Ren and his constantly telling Akito that she's special, and of course there's the end to the chapter... Before Ren burst into her room, Akito had been thinking about all the things she'd done to the 12shi and why, what she'd been clinging to etc.

Ren's forced entry into Akito's room, realising that she should have done this ages ago and demand the box from Akito, afterall she's the only one worthy of having anything of Akira's... It's a rather depressed chapter. T_T

Oh, and early in the chapter, when Ren bursts into the room after Akira had died, she yells how Akito was little more that a toy for Akira to kill time and calls her a "thing". Chibi Akito tells Ren that Akira had told her that she was special and that everyone had been waiting for her, and so she wasn't unwanted. Chibi-Akki goes on to say how Ren making a mockery of Akira's words was the one who was unwanted. ^^; Chibi-Akki had a child's certainty and openness.

From the very beginning, I'm always the one who was left out.

From the very beginning, I'd been wanting what wasn't there.

Anyhow, bedtime. :P

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