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Ch 116 thoughts...

I have to admit, this was a really heartwrenching chapter. Poor Momiji, by being freed from the curse, he's lost his connection to the others. ;_; Even so, he's decided to move ahead and towards his future whatever it may hold. It's interesting how Momiji and Kureno are similar yet so different. Kureno, knowing young Akito still cared for her and stayed. Momiji, not having any tie beyond the curse, feels no real connection and is not compelled to stay. Still, he tells Akito he will not tell the others.

Momiji's decision to leave Akito (when isn't completely clear, simply that he won't stay), Akito's clearly realising that things are crumbling and that unlike Kureno, she has no ties to Momiji beyond what the curse gave her. Seeing her fall to the ground after Momiji tells her to leave that night, and Akito's expression after telling Momiji to get lost... ;_; But likewise, Momiji is feeling very sad and lonely over telling Akito that he will not stay and cries a little after leaving Akito. I'm not sure but on pg 25 of the chapter, when Momiji talks about being free yet afraid, and of his happiness that may be waiting for him in the future... who is that person in traditional wear? It doesn't quite strike me as Akito?? Maybe it is; it does fit the situation of being told by Momiji how he would still continue to move on towards whatever the future may hold, and knowing that she too needs to do the same, but I'm not 100% sure. Just like when re-reading the "it's all a lie; I already know everything" could also be Akito knowing and realising what would happen and what will happen at the same time regardless of what was said.

There are so many flashbacks and single frame flashes that it gets a bit hard to watch all the detail. When Momiji wonders about all the feelings he'd had until then, and seeing the image of the summer sea side trip and how he couldn't really stand up to Akito... I wonder how he feels now, the curse gone and only himself, and how much of what was always done was the curse? How much was not? Too many thoughts and questions, and lots of sadness. And not enough sleep or caffeine for me to truly make any sense (if I ever do). :P

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