Shadow (kagedreams) wrote,

Ch 116 quick note

Oooh being bad at work. :P

Elina apparently posted a summary for Ch 116 over in Rosetta Stone Cafe (Yahoo Groups). Sounds like a really interesting chapter and much as I expected Momiji to react. I saw a few sneak scans and it seems really sad for Momiji losing the bond in a sense while at the same time really good. RSC and FGML's summaries are different in one key point, that of what Momiji tells Kyo. According to Elina (I trust her summaries more) Momiji asked Kyo a hypothetical of if his curse were lifted, would he be surprised. And that it would make Tohru very happy if it were to happen, and that Momiji knows why it would. From reading between the two (Rosetta's and Fruity Group's) summaries posted so far, I get the feeling that Kyo's "Shut up. I don't want to know that sort of thing" is his refusal to acknowledge Tohru's feelings for him at this point in time. (Speculation since I haven't actually read a contiguous scan of the scene or read the chapter yet). In any case, it's promising to be an interesting chapter. ^_^

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