Shadow (kagedreams) wrote,

Life's Lesson#1 - You're an idiot...

Every now and again, I seem to forget this lesson. I'm not sure why. But, when I do, life is usually pretty quick to give me a refresher. ^^; This time was on the weekend... Heritage Park (a local attraction that recreates early Western village life) had its annual Fall Harvest Sale. The sale is actually a combination sale and charity event where area businesses donate produce that is then re-sold to the public at insane prices. As we entered the gate on Sunday, one gentleman was offering a lady a "deal". For $50, he'd give her a bin of watermelons... the "bin" being the type you'd see in grocery stores that you could basically fall into when picking out a watermelon. As it were, watermelons without "deals" were going for $1 each (the bin probably hold more than 50 watermelons...). Sample prices of the goods would be $3 for 4 dozen ears of corn, $1 for a big bag of apples (all you can fit), $2 for a big bag of potatoes, $1 for 2 bags of navel oranges... it goes on. Anyhow, we bought a half bag of apples (we asked the guy to stop adding apples after filling the bag half way - 16 big apples!) and a case of pears among various other things.

The next day I decided to make an apple crumble style pie using a mix of apple and pear... The recipe called for cooking the pie without the crumble topping for 15 mins at 425F afterwhich the crumble was added and the pie baked for an additional hour at 350F... All good except the pie was a lot heavier and the tea cloth I was using to grip the pan was a bit wet and conducted heat quite well and the tray started slipping, so I grabbed the other end with my left hand. Last time I checked, I'm "normal" human and haven't gained asbestos fingers. >_< I dropped the other end pretty quick, but ended up burning myself (obviously!). Surprisingly enough, things are looking really mild now (a couple days later); I'd been expecting worse, but maybe I do have a touch of asbestos in the digits afterall. :P

Anyhow, beyond my wounded idiocy, I'm currently working on altering the Ghost Hunt pages. Since GH is being released officially by Del Rey in a couple more weeks, I'll be taking down much of the scans... not sure how much at the moment. The GH project for me was a mix of various projects in one, including how to put things on the 'net. It's also where the entire site really started way back when. The FB translation pages was originally a sub-section of that site (and has since returned to that status on RF). In any case, I'm slowly working on consolidating the ST3 translations into chapter translations and will be removing the images from the site when finished, but will probably leave the very first scanlation section (part of chapter 1) and may leave up to the first two chapters of vol 1 as is. When looking at those sections, there are so many variations of scanlation and scan & translation pages, it starts boggling the mind. I'm also a bit lazy and the thought of re-writing / compiling the translations on the scanlation pages is... "ugh". Hence, I'm not sure how much of the scanlations will stay, but it will definitely not be the whole volume by any stretch.

FB... I get the feeling I haven't released Hari's page on the Neko fanpage?? I'll have to double check that later. Chapter 114... eep! I'll try to do that this weekend depending on when Ch 116 comes out.

Two weeks ago, we got HtY #14 and were really excited. The trucker's strike in Vancouver had completely halted all our HtY, Animage and NewType subscriptions for almost 2 months by the time that arrived. The only thing is that HtY 13 and 15 were supposed to arrive as well (shipped separately) but haven't arrived. How am I supposed to read 14 without 13? and where's 15?? I want to read Skip Beat... >_<

Anyhow, I'm supposed to get Sims2 Nightlife tonight (YAY!!) and hope that installation will go smoothly. I have to get rid of all my game hacks since they may not be compatible (boo!) and am not looking forward to the potential bugs. There have been some bug reports already, but BestBuy has NL going for $30, $10 of list price. :P Here's to hoping it goes well, and that I'll be able to play it. I was a very bad girl and installed Sims2 on the work computer (it's actually a gaming system...) so I could see the performance difference between a desktop and my own laptop. :P Anyhow, I should try getting some more work done on the site before NL arrives. Hopefully I'll be updating in a few more days for GH and some FB as well. Unless the vampires in NL get me first. ^____^

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