Shadow (kagedreams) wrote,

Scripts up again

Yay! Scripts are back up and running now on's site. Most likely everything else should be fine on the site. No real progress to date although I've been playing a touch with MAGpie now. It's an interesting program but for some reason playback with Real Player is a bit strange. The subs are a touch slower than the audio and the delay increases slowly over the entire track. A bit odd and annoying really... Also I can't seem to get it to work with Windows Media Player... of course that could be because I haven't updated that thing for so long. Shall have to look at that more later. QuickTime (the third possibility) works out fairly well but I usually can't get a completely smooth playback. It seems like none of them are completely happy with things. Shall see how it goes once I update Windows MediaPlayer though.

Other than playing with MAGpie, I've also since started working on Tsubasa 5. Seeing Jinmen Juushin come out with their own version of Tsubasa was a bit of a surprise since they donated scans to RedButterfly in the first place. Not to mention they didn't seem to want to take it on (too busy I think?) last time. Ah well, it gives readers a choice of translation groups to read from, which is always good. It's also likely to keep me a lot more honest about translating and less likely to take too many liberties. (Like Ch 2's calling Dumas gay rather than a transvestite. I guess I could have had Kotobuki calling him a tranny all the time but... Calling him gay just seemed more readily comprehensible.) All in all it'll keep me more on my toes which is definitely good. It's also something for me to look forward to so I can see how other people interpret Tsubasa. It certainly isn't the easiest of titles to go at (IMO) but it has its moments.

Otherwise, possible error in Track 6 of the CD Drama. One word that I can't quite make out clearly has been bothering me, and I think I'll change Ayame to demand Tohru steep the tea well rather than soak the dishes (warm them). Both are possible but... Given Ch 67's(?) side comment, I'm thinking steeping might be the correct one. Will have to tell Merrow about it too.

Much else? Still debating whether to open up the MAGpie project or to leave it only privately accessible to a couple of testers. I need to know how the line length works out for people. I'm half listening to the J track during playback so I'm finding I'm not focussing as much on the sub lines as much as I should be. Perhaps Red Butterfly staff will be willing guinea pigs. It's just that it's not FB but GH. Of course, it's also very fitting for this time of year. A shame that it's only the one track and not the whole drama. I'd hate to only get one track... ^_^;; Will have to UL it... tomorrow. The ZIP file is... 13 MB?? Pretty big considering it's only the one track. I'll have to listen to the decreased sound quality track and see if I can't use it instead. I thought it had some unusual ghosting and artefacting though in playback...? Anyhow, looks like the doujin waits until tomorrow for finalizing that one last line. One last character determining one last sentence is all that's left... Almost there though. ^_^

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