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Shadow [userpic]

I'm alive, honest! ^_^;;

September 4th, 2005 (10:12 pm)

I'm taking a brief(?) break from Ch 115 at the moment and thought I'd just jot in here that yes, I am alive and obviously working on 115. :P Anyhow, this chapter is definitely looking interesting although fairly text heavy in the middle. (I actually started working on the end for a bit because that middle is pretty scary...). But in any case, as to what this chapter's about beyond what's been said... Lots of background about Ren and Akira, insight into just how much Shigure knew from when he was a child, why Akito was raised as a boy, both what was stated and the underlying reason... some other things. But before I forget, one of the J commentary sites mentioned how there was an image in the first volume of FB when Kyoko is telling Tohru about the story of the 12shi, of someone wearing a kimono telling the story. And that that person was probably Akira and that Akira had in fact made an appearance back in vol 1! I haven't looked it up yet, so I don't know, but I'll be taking a look after I finish this chapter.

Time to go hunt down some hot water and make myself a cuppa.

Tohru's... Akito's feelings can't be stopped...!!

Searching for the person that can no longer be met
Getting lost in the mirror's maze--
Where does it lead to
How far does it go--
Noticing the figure that suddenly appears in the mirror
--Who are you? You are me...


Akito: Kureno

This... Do you know it?

What it is?

Kureno: ...?

Akito: That's right...
You don't know, do you.

The only one who knows is...

Kureno: .........?
Is... something wrong?


Inside it?

Akito: .........


To those who commented, e-mailed since last time, I will reply once I finish this chapter-- Eek!! >_<;;