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Ch 114 - quick note

Yikes! It's been around two weeks since I was last online really? Eek! (I did get into Sims2 again this time. I'm trying something out on a family...)

Anyhow, I'm just finishing snagging the scans and this chapter looks very interesting. It's primarily a Tohru-Rin, Kagura-Shishou, a bit of Kagura-Tohru (rather one-sided in a sense...), Kyouru, and Tohru-Kyoko. Lots of stuff happening and some very interesting development.

Very quickly, the chapter starts with Kagura running up to Shishou telling him she's not there and Shishou wonders if she's playing hide-and-seek as Kagura hides behind a fusuma (door partition between rooms) when Tohru comes up. Apparently she's come to visit Rin and is told that she's in her usual room. Tohru notices Kagura hiding but says nothing and goes to see Rin. After Tohru leaves, Shishou asks Kagura if the two of them had fought and so she doesn't want to see her (Tohru) but Kagura denies it saying it's not that simple.

Kagura realises that Shishou doesn't seem very happy that Tohru may be in love with Kyo and that Kyo undoubtedly is in love with her, but Shishou comments that he's a bit worried as it's complicated.

Tohru watches as Rin draws in a book. Rin suddenly realising that Tohru's behind her yells at her as to how long she's been watching etc. Tohru remarks how it's wonderful that Isuzu draws but Rin says that she was only doodling and that what she'd been writing didn't qualify as drawing.

Isuzu asks Tohru why she'd come that day, and Tohru mentions how they'd parted the last time. Rin said that didn't really matter but asks her why Kyo. Afterall, he's the cat, and no doubt she's already aware of what his role was and how the other 12shi see him. Rin then asks her if she sympathizes.

Kazuma tells Kagura about the woman who had been with his grandfather. When asked why she'd gotten so close to the cat she'd answered "but, it's too sad, isn't it?"

Tohru wonders if what she feels could be called sympathy. All that time she'd been wanting to protect "the 12shi", she'd really wanted to keep Kyo from being taken away by the Sohma's, the curse or anyone else because Kyo is the most important one for her.

Kagura runs in and slaps Tohru yelling at her to tell that sort of thing directly to that person. Rin barges in yelling at Kagura not to push her way of thinking on Tohru and asking if she's so great so as to hit someone. Kunimitsu runs in at all the commotion and Kagura apologises to Rin. Tohru in the meantime, is down for the count. ^^;; (Poor girl, Kagura didn't hold back at all when hitting her...)

While Tohru's out, she realises what she'd been doing all this time, in a way testing Kyo's feelings at one point and that if he didn't accept her weaknesses that she'd put a lid on her feelings again. How she felt like, in a way, she was betraying her mother and that was both scary and sad.

When she comes to, Kyo's sitting beside her and comments how this time she'd been in a fight with Kagura and how, after getting a call from Shishou, it didn't really sink in right away. Kyo asks if she wanted Kagura to apologise, but Tohru says that both of them were punished and that she wouldn't apologise either.

When Kunimitsu comes to tell Kagura that they (Kyo and Tohru) were leaving, Kagura says she won't apologise. Kunimitsu comments that she'd apologised to Isuzu, but Kagura says that she doesn't have to apologise to Tohru and that's different. Kagura comments how it's nice that men can pass on their wishes and dreams to others and wonders if she'll be able to do the same. (There's a really cute moment between Kagura and Rin...)

On the way home, Tohru tries to get up the courage to tell Kyo something but can't spit the words out. Shaking, she looks behind her and sees her mother. Kyo asks Tohru if she forgot something, and she says no. Tohru realises that she has to draw up her courage and that she would no longer bottle up her feelings and that they would no longer stop.

To be cont'd in Issue 19 released Sept 5.

And to put things mildly, yes I've glossed over quite a it at the moment. There are some important flashbacks etc., but that'll have to wait until later. ^^;

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