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Shadow [userpic]

From Bonbons to Burials... ^^;

July 29th, 2005 (11:53 pm)

current mood: sleepy

Oh boy. Took a brief(?) respite in the Sims (original) and tried out the Superstar and Vacation expansion packs. Interesting. Superstar was much more interesting than Vacation. But, for some reason, I couldn't quite get into the whole Sims thing too much this time. Maybe when Sims2 Nightlife is released in Sept, I'll be more interested in it. :P

Reading through Teamail, I swear that ML is going to see me do some really wacky things. Yesterday, we got a delivery of various teas so I can try and concoct something akin to Moroccan Mint Tea (typically a blend of Gunpowder Tea and Moroccan spearmint) using an organic gunpowder tea and peppermint. I tried blending a cup and other than adding too much sugar, it turned out rather nice. Peppermint tea is *really* nice. :P The only thing is that I still have to find a place that sells orange blossom water as I'm looking at making a Moroccan mint granita. -_-; Williams Sonoma doesn't have it (didn't really expect them to) but they suggested I try the Asian markets instead. I'll have to see if I can't get to the one they suggested (compared to the one I usually go to) but it's in a really awkward location. Horrible parking, horrendous road construction and far from the train. :-/ Either that or maybe one of the other cooking shops might carry it??

The other thing that ML got me looking at today are Bissinger's Chocolates. Personally, my favourite is Bernard Callebaut Chocolates, but they don't do chocolate covered fresh fruit. The good thing is they (Bissinger's) don't say about shipping to Canada so I'm less likely to be tempted by the chocolate covered raspberries (no longer available) and the September release of chocolate covered blackberries. Too tempting to pick up since I love chocolate and fruit. Of course, I suppose I could buy a pack of Callebaut's semi-sweet and some fruit...

Reading through the Furuba Forums, I was reminded of that box that Rin went after of Akito's, and the concept that it was Akira's ashes. Of course, no one knows yet what's in that box, let alone if it's even possible (well Japanese people who've attended a burial would have a better idea). Anyhow, I decided to take a look at funerary practices and burial urns for Japan (rather morbid I know...) and it's rather interesting. Unfortunately I didn't read about Okinawa as I'm curious about how that might differ from the main islands but I'll read that later. :P Anyhow, according to one page I was "reading" (trying to read?), it mentioned how the practice of gathering the bones following cremation are different between Eastern (Kanto) and Western (Kansai onwards) Japan. Apparently Eastern Japan gather up all the bones and puts them in the urn while Western Japan collects on some of the bones. This then affects the size of the burial urns which are usual between 5-7 "sun" (rhymes with Yunyun's "yun") where 1 sun = 3.03 cm or 1.2". This puts the size at about 15.15 ~ 21.21 cm or ~6" - 8.35" with larger sizes being used in Eastern Japan. There're also smaller urns which are used when the bones are being divided (2-3 sun).

The urn is then placed in a wooden box and wrapped in the appropriate cloth. I remember seeing a funerary procession once at a temple in Japan (I think I mentioned this somewhere in here at some point but don't remember when) and a woman was carrying the box wrapped in white. This got me to thinking again about Akito, Ren and Akira. Do we "know" if Akira was the Sohma or if Ren is or if they even married? Given how traditional that family is you'd assume they had, but... the old woman with Akito, her dislike of Ren got me to thinking on the possibility that Akira may have married into the family. It works better if the two didn't marry, but the idea that as an outsider he wasn't allowed to be buried in a Sohma grave... The problem with that concept though is that as father to God, I'd expect that would probably be sufficient standing in the family to allow such a burial. However, as an outsider who hasn't married into the family, it might not happen therefore?? Not sure, but a thought.

Anyhow, some interesting links. English description of the Japanese burial custom.

Funerary urns:


Posted by: Ysabet (umadoshi)
Posted at: July 30th, 2005 07:42 am (UTC)
Rin & Haru (Flamika)

*twitches at the recent Ren thread on the forums*

Chocolate-covered raspberries, on the other hand, make me swoon just thinking about them. *^^*

Posted by: Shadow (kagedreams)
Posted at: July 31st, 2005 02:35 am (UTC)

Don't they sound heavenly? I'm seriously tempted to buy some chocolate to melt down and coat some fruit... or even do a chocolate fondue. I'm usually more into chocolate in the winter but... evil, evil, evil! >_

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