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Ch 113 summary

And so... the summary for 113 is finally up. ^^; There's something to be said for motivation...

I have to admit, I'm not entirely sure what to make of this chapter. It progresses the story somewhat and we learn a little about the tie between Tohru and Komaki but... I don't know. Yuki's comment that Tohru's the "same as always, including that day even"... It brings to question some what the end of the last chapter but... shall see how things go with the next chapter.

Otherwise, the other thing that we see in this chapter is that Komaki seems to in fact be living with Kakeru and his mother. This in turn raises the question about her family situation and what relatives, if any, she has. Beyond that... I can't think of too much that we really learned this chapter except that Kakeru is indeed slowly learning and has gotten over his original annoyance with Tohru... And Komaki's own cluelessness believing everything Kakeru says! ^^;

Hopefully next time we'll jump back to Akito's side again. I think I've had enough of Tohru / HS people for the time being. :P

Next up... hopefully Rin's profile. I still need to double check something because the fan book seems a bit odd about something. @_@

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