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Time flies... ^^;

Well... I have to admit, HP6 taught me two things.

#1 don't eat snacks in a feather bed. >_<
#2 you're not going to remember everything from whenever the last book had come out. Oops.

In any case, I have to admit, I did enjoy the book. I didn't have the urge to flip over large sections or reach through the book and strangle a certain main character. The supporting characters... ah well. But thanks to lesson #2, I've been re-reading the whole series again only ran into a major slow-down yesterday. Since I'm re-reading... I figured it would be the perfect time to actually *read* the Japanese version of the book (Prisoner of Azkhaban). So far, I've managed to get through the first chapter and it's not so bad. It's not at all as difficult as the 12 Kokuki series... or at least not so far. It just takes a lot more time. ^^;

Otherwise, I'm primarily of two minds about Snape. 1 - he's evil. 2 - he's not. :P I like his character and I have to admit there are interesting parallels between him, Harry and Voldemort as well since there are parallels between V and H. Of all the HP characters, I probably like Snape the most; he's the most interesting to me. Beyond that... I think I'm going to refrain from too much speculation until after I've reread the rest of the books because I really have forgotten a lot from when HP5 came out. (Actually, I think I went on vacation a day or two after that thing came out and was frantically reading through it before packing. ^^;;)

And it looks like FB Ch 113's now out. If I were to put things in a single word... It's... well... I'm sorry but it's *boring*. >_< Don't get me wrong, there are some cute bits, and there are some funny bits and we do get a hint of information but...... yeah. It's dull. I'll see what I can get written up for it in the next day or two. So far on the J sites, one blog has written up a quick summary and before even starting, they said that they weren't really into it. ^^;

But... well, we'll see how much of a quick summary I can write up for my blog first...

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