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Oh boy...

Well, a couple of days ago, I got an unexpected letter from Renaud-Bray. Apparently rather than simply e-mail me a notice, they snail-mailed a credit notice for the FB Box Set 1 that I'd ordered from them. I guess if I want the box set, I'll have to order it from Amazon FR?!? >_< As much as I want the box set, I don't know if I'm willing to go to that extent. The shipping costs really make things unwise compared to buying individual volumes over here. I just wanted the box to keep everything tidy. :P

Reading through Furuba Forums, someone over there seems utterly determined that Kagura will be heart-broken for the rest of her life since Kyo rejected her. Each to their own, but I looked through the fan book since I remembered it said a little something about Kagura's parents in there.

"Kagura's parents are pretty much normal parents who love her. But among the parents of the 12shi, perhaps you could call them extraordinary. Understandably, when Kagura was young, their fighting regarding her never ceased. (continues on)"

Otherwise, apparently she gets along very well with Ritsu (which would explain why Ritsu asked Kagura for one of her dresses when he first started cross-dressing) ^_^ And her wish for her future profession is to become a nursery/kindergarten teacher. Ahaha, she'll have more energy than the kids do! ^^;;

I thought I'd read more about her parents somewhere but I'm not finding it. >_<

And while on fun tidbits...

"Haru's parents seem pretty wild. If you ask whether they meet their responsibilities as parents... hmmm...But current Haru doesn't seem to mind his parents who'd made fun of and laughed about him. Not any more."

Oh well. Enough for tonight. My brain's falling asleep I think. Oh, and when thinking about Ch 112's translation, rather than "manure" I'm wondering if "peat" mightn't be indeterminate enough. I tried looking up "hiryou" and there are some other definitions for it including a flying dragon(!), to mourn, to compare, and one full measure used to measure medicines. I can't figure any other oddball English word who has vague multiple meanings that aren't otherwise completely obvious.... other than "shit" or "crap". :P But that doesn't suit the speaking style. Oh well. ^^;

Anyhow, I think I've definitely gone on long enough now. Thankfully the city has half of tomorrow off as we start over a week of working vacation. Gotta love this city sometimes. ^^;

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