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Ch 112...

Yes, that's a translation that went up today and not a summary. I'll probably write up a summary later but I'm just not getting into summary writing for this chapter. I've been pretty much avoiding it for some reason... maybe it's the heat. ^^;;

In any case, two other J sites put up their thoughts for this chapter as well; Baby Pink and Amayadori. Amayadori I think it was pointed out a really small detail in this chapter. ^^; From the scene where Komaki goes to offer incense, we can see that she wears a different uniform than Tohru and no doubt goes to a different school. However, Nabe also wears different clothes from Kaibara's uniforms which begs the question of why. So they speculated that he may have transferred. Otherwise, the other interesting point mentioned was about why Tohru is so red when she bows to Manabe. The question of whether she's embarrassed about having not remembered him for so long (Amayadori) or perhaps she did feel that she was the most sad after what had happened and that what Manabe had said that day was true to a degree and so she was embarrassed over that (Baby Pink). Either way, considering that she was mourning over her mother, feeling either one or forgetting etc., is very possible.

Otherwise, I tracked down the deco-truck reference. It's in Vol 4 Ch 23, Hana-chan, Uo-chan and Tohru are walking and talking about Kyoko. Uo-chan mentions something about Kannana densetsu and Hana-chan says that the image of that divine deco-tora is etched in her heart forever. TokyoPop translated this as meaning the outfit that Kyoko wore I believe in her gang era (ie decoration track - for track suit?) whereas I read it as "decoration truck". Japanese Bobtail who was a member of FGML for a while (she disappeared over time) mentioned the deco-tora before and included a pic on her site...

Hmm... perhaps not the most decorated as she says on her site so...

A site I found using Google. Take a look under "gallery" (lots of links with images) and you'll see. ^^;

In the anime IIRC, they had an onigiri get hit by a truck with a huge "forehead" for a different "deko-tora" and said that was wrong. ^^; So what was this deco-tora then? Does this mean Kyoko could indeed drive? It also begs the question of what she did for a living, but even if she did drive a deco-tora, it's not something they'd have around in the neighborhood. Lots of houses in Japan don't have garages and in some places there are neighborhood "parking lots." I guess it's possible she'd therefore walk to her vehicle... although Tohru and Kyoko lived in an apartment and many of those do have some parking spaces... Don't know. It's hard to say without having some idea of how rural/suburban/urban a place they were living in. >_<' I wonder what the other language versions say in that scene. :-?

Anyhow, I've rambled more than enough on this chapter and it's way too hot to be even remotely near my computer today. I'm going to crawl off somewhere cooler.

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