Shadow (kagedreams) wrote,

Server Move

Apparently randomfandom is moving servers so things will probably be slow overall on the update front until the move's complete. Server moves are always a pain especially if you're a fairly sizeable site. I certainly don't envy her the move although by the looks of things, much of it has been completed.

With the move means that the scripts here for the links, this diary and the Guestbook BBS will have to be moved as well. (Well the Guestbook doesn't have anything in it at the moment so I suppose it doesn't matter...) Meaning that the settings may need to be tweaked a touch (or maybe not if I'm lucky.) I guess we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

On the work front... Ch 29 is moving very slowly. The Prince Yuki fanclub isn't something I'm entirely fond of so it'll be a bit slow going at first. I like Saki and Megumi though so the latter part should (hopefully!) go well. I should also work on Ch 44 and Ritsu's *plugs ears* I'M SO SORRY!! PLEASE FORGIVE ME!! *unplugs ears* Ahem. That and also Ch 47 eventually too I suppose. Another character I'm not entirely fond of; Ayame. I don't dislike him but... his manner of speech is tricky. :P

And Dream Angel is almost complete except for a handful of words while Tsubasa has gone nowhere.... Must finish it before mid-month though. So I can't keep dragging my feet much more. Too many distractions....

And lastly Yomino Yakata updated for the relay fan fic between Yoshino and Tenca. Wai! I've got to stop reading so many Ghost Hunt fan fics! But... Castle and Tower looks like they'll be doing a net release of another of their doujinshi? Did I read that notice correctly? I'll have to take a look again on the weekend but it's possible; they've released a number of things on the 'net lately. Hopefully I didn't misread and gotten things backwards and that they'd taken off a release from the 'net... which is also possible.

In any case; hopefully the server move will go smoothly. I think I've updated all my bookmarks for the .com side since that's moved over already. .org will stay until the final transfer. I really must remember to at least finish translating the options and text on the links page so folks can use it more easily and fully (and add their own links if they so desire...)

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