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Shadow [userpic]


September 30th, 2003 (12:46 pm)

Hmm... it just occurred to me I didn't update the What's New page... Ah well, finally finished one project. YAY!! The FB CD Drama translation's now finished so next will be to finish that doujinshi before getting back to FB and Tsubasa. (Am I missing anything??) Thankfully the mystery of that kanji character has been solved so it's just a matter of slogging through the rest of those author notes. Some people's handwriting is just so messy! (And I'm one to talk?? I can't even read my own handwriting half the time!)

Otherwise, I should also try to fill in those two holes in Vol 8. Don't know if/when though. Things should be picking up shortly soon so it may be difficult to do too much. Shall have to keep an eye on those things.

Y'know... I don't think I actually did much else today?? Talk about decidedly unproductive. I'm spending too much time hunting for GH fan fics I think. But, but, but... I like the occult! ^_^

Good grief! Just look at all those bunnies! Which reminds me, I should do some more translation work on the links page so it'll display more nicely for people without J-script. That and the Guestbook.... Umm.... maybe I'll pretend I didn't think of those. ^_~