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Tempting... so tempting...

Looks like I'm not going to finish tonight. (It's too late to finish off the last several pages.) But ohhh how I'm tempted!! It's just *soooo* tempting! >_<

To have this scene:

Machi: Umm

Is there anything... that you want President?
Yuki: Eh--...? I wonder...
Machi: ..."Thing"
Yuki: ...



Yuki: Eh--...? I wonder...
Machi: ..."Thing"
Yuki: ...


I haven't actually settled on how I'm going to put it quite yet but ohhhhh it's tempting! What a silly thought to have floating through the brain this evening. :P

In any case, it should be up sometime tomorrow evening. The summary that is. ^^;

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