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Ch 112 J site comments

Looking around for "kansou" or commentaries on ch 112, so far only two places (both blogs) have written anything about this chapter. It's possible HtY hadn't been readily available over the weekend depending on the shop. (It wasn't set for release until Tuesday so...) In any case, the two blogs while overall quite similar in the rundown of events, was relatively opposite with respect to how they viewed Manabe and what he'd said to Tohru.

From my previous quick summary when Manabe and Komaki had come to visit Tohru's family:

"She then remembers that he'd come with his girlfriend who'd come to offer incense to Kyoko. At that time, Manabe had told her she annoyed him. And told her not to think that she herself was the most unhappy. And not to think that she (her side) was the sorry (misfortunate) one."

From what was revealed in the chapter, Komaki's father was in the car that ran into Kyoko suggesting that that vehicle was at fault. Earlier in the series, we've always seen a picture of a car that had run into a wall of some sort suggesting that either the vehicle was Kyoko's and she'd been driven into the wall, or that she's a pedestrian and had been hit by that vehicle. ...... (I need to find the earlier volumes. There was mention of a "deco-truck" in the anime and I *thought* it was also mentioned in the manga. If so, it begs the question of where that thing figures into things as well.)

In any case, according to Manabe's recount to Yuki about events, Komaki's father was in the vehicle at fault (we don't know if he was actually *driving* however, that isn't stated) while Kyoko was the victim. Manabe's comment to Tohru not to feel sorry for herself or to think that she's the most misfortunate, that the world's woes fell upon her however... One of the J blog writers commented that, unless there's a serious change in how Manabe's shown in the manga, she feels she'll never come to like Nabe and that what he'd said was extremely cruel. The other writer on the other hand comments that while yes, Komaki's family was at fault, Komaki's also grieving and while the second writer wouldn't go to the extreme Manabe had in stating what he did, at the same time she(?) understands his feelings.

Also interesting was that we do see that Komaki lives in a small apartment possibly on her own, possibly with Manabe!?! or perhaps with her mother who may work late. It's not clear. However, Manabe does seem to be with her a lot what with picking her up from work and such. It also begs the question of why he works so many part-time jobs.

Some interesting questions that were brought up in this chapter therefore include:

- Komaki's family? Does she have any living relatives / people living with her
- Was Komaki's father driving? Was her mother in the vehicle at the time?
- Why does Kyo feel regret about Kyoko; was he involved in the accident?
- Was there a deco-truck involved??

Odd question; if Komaki didn't remember how to smile after two years from the accident, would Manabe still hate Tohru and think she not have the right to smile and be happy as well? Mind you, considering some of the royal asses out in the world, I can more than easily see something of that sort happening. :-/

Lastly, the wording about the accident is a bit odd. From the interview, Takaya sensei mentioned that she spends a lot of time thinking about how to write things so I'm not sure. Komaki's father was in the car that ran into Kyoko. I wouldn't generally think of it being a "Kyoko ran in front of the vehicle getting hit" sort of scenario but could be wrong. Oh well. Time to start thinking about dinner. ^^;

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