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Ch 112 quick(?) comment

I think I'm way too sleepy to finish this chapter tonight so just a quick run-down of some things. It's not the most exciting of chapters although there are some cute points, and some of the dialogue is... well sometimes Kakeru's manner of speech is a bit hard to figure out. I can handle being loose with language to a point, but too loose and eventually it comes to a point where I lose meaning. ^^;

In any case... Yuki sees Kakeru sending an e-mail to his girlfriend on his cel phone and asks Kakeru what her name is (Komaki) and asks Kakeru if that person really does exist. Kakeru, insulted insists she's real and says that he'd like to introduce her to Yuki some time. Yuki agrees he'd like to meet her... and ask her what about Kakeru she likes that she can manage going out with him. ^^;

Over in the Student Council Room, Yuki gives Machi a small gift as an apology. Machi remembers the "horror" she'd experienced and shakes uncontrollably while Yuki apologises telling her that those two (Ayame and Mine) didn't mean any harm, they just live in a world of their own. Kakeru comments that that doesn't change the fact that he is his elder brother though.

Machi says it's all right (while shaking still) and tells Yuki that it's not like he's the one who'd called her. Apparently Manabe called Machi over instead. ^^;

Kimi, seeing Machi had gotten a gift from Yuki is "insulted" commenting that he never gives her anything and Yuki tries to placate her telling her that it's (the present) was meant as an apology. Kimi tells him he should do the same (apologize) for her and Yuki can only ask what he'd "apologize" for. And Kimi asks Yuki to give her that gift instead. o_0

Yuki tells her that's no good because he gave that to Machi and Kimi asks what it is and opens it for Machi and finds a Mogeta paperweight. Nao asks Kimi if she wants it and she says no. She goes on to add that wanting other people's things is really low.

We then get a brief memory of Kimi's in how she came to be the way she is (always with guys etc. etc.) Apparently the girls in her elementary school had asked her why she was over with them since she was always with the guys acting cute and how it must be nice since the guys would overlook her faults because of that and how she'd no doubt go through life based on her looks alone...

Manabe asks Yuki why he gave Machi Mogeta goods and Yuki comments about how she seemed to like the one over at the shop. Kakeru comments that (people) changing isn't a bad thing...

Machi's really happy about the present and decides to treasure it and as she puts it away, she realises she didn't thank Yuki for it. Whoops ^^;

We then get to see Manabe meeting his girlfriend.

Next day(?) during lunch break at school, Machi decides to thank Yuki for the present but stands outside the door feeling it difficult to go in. She decides not to afterall and turns only to "run" into Yuki. Yuki asks her if she's eaten lunch yet. Kakeru in the meantime suddenly realises he forgot one of his texts and decides to ask Yuki if he can borrow his. His classmates are shocked he'd borrow Sohma Yuki's text and Kakeru comments that he'll scribble some obscene doodles in it before returning it. ^^;

Just before Kakeru can open the door to 3-D however, Tohru opens the door realises someone's there, excuses herself and goes out the room. As Kakeru watches her leave, another student sees him and asks what he's doing while Tohru turns after remembering what Hana-chan had said during the school trip about feeling like she'd seen him before.

She then remembers that he'd come with his girlfriend who'd come to offer incense to Kyoko. At that time, Manabe had told her she annoyed him. And told her not to think that she herself was the most unhappy. And not to think that she (her side) was the sorry (misfortunate) one.

The other guy lends Nabe his textbook while telling him not to write anything weird in it and as Manabe turns to leave, Tohru's there.

Machi thanks Yuki for the gift and asks Yuki what it was he wanted. Yuki replies "confidence" to which Machi asks what "thing". Yuki, confused replies "fertilizer"... (could also be read as manure...) ^^; Yuki sees Machi off down the stairs. As they're walking, Machi asks him if studying for entrance exams is really hard, and Yuki replies not at all. Machi's surprised (who wouldn't be!?) since he's to go on to university. Yuki tells her that he's got time/leeway and tells her that they should go somewhere during summer holidays.

That evening, Kakeru tells his girlfriend that Tohru'd remembered who he was that day. Komaki asks him if he'd tried picking a fight with her which he denies claiming innocence and that offers to take it off...

"That Miss Honda

didn't remember me

There were times when I thought 'give me a break, you annoy me' but

Komaki's able to smile so
Miss Honda not being allowed to...

Really isn't fair..."

Kakeru goes on to explain about Tohru's mom's accident. Komaki's father was in the car that ran into her and had died instantly. And that it's a sad connection.

Banner: Kakeru's girlfriend's father had an accident with Kyoko. The memories of that time are brought back vividly filling Tohru with sadness...

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