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The End of the World...?

It's got to be. The female sibling unit decided to do her shopping today instead of yesterday and found *2* dresses that fit as well as a pair of jeans that fit perfectly without alterations! I wonder how the world will end... FSU jeans-wise at the Gap apparently takes a size 1 and if she's lucky might be 85 lbs. I think around uni before having her wisdom teeth removed, she'd actually hit 90 lbs (or at least got over 85 lbs) but she lost around 5 lbs from the ordeal and never really got it back. Yeesh.

I wonder if we'll washed away here... fittingly apocalyptic and well suited to the weather. Apparently last month's rain equalled 60% of the annual precipitation for this province. >_< No wonder I feel luck such a duck.

Anyhow, Shigure's page is shaping up but... unlike with Akki and Kureno, I'm not really sensing much new with Gure's page. Mind you, I haven't done most of the last two pages still so there might be some interesting stuff hiding in there. (Oh and Gure's page can be found at on the site. The page is pretty much set up structurally but there's lots of stuff still missing so it's not linked to on the index yet. It's also interesting to see how one's translation style changes over time. The personal clothing concept is supposedly the same as was written for the previous Chara Bk (at least that's how I read the small note about it. I haven't actually compared the two word for word or anything.) but I think I've worded things fairly differently. I could be wrong. ^_^;

Also, I need to double check some of the words I'm using on Gure's page. I don't dislike one of my e-dictionaries, but I'm not completely happy with some of the translations (this is true for my other dictionary as well, just less so.) My H.S. French teacher once told us that at that level (final year), we shouldn't be using translation dictionaries any more but regular dictionaries. Sometimes I do that while other times I "cheat." The problem with the J dictionary is that half the time it's talking about historic origins and manyoushuu... It really goes over my head a lot. Of course, the kanji dictionary in that sense is more useful in giving a definition for the kanji character itself but... >_< I cheat sometimes. It's just so much easier even though it's often "out."

There was something else I wanted to write about WRT FB, but I can't recall what. ...... No good. Can't think of it.

Otherwise, Vol 10 for FB is still being held up thanks to French version of Vol 13. >_< That thing must be travelling by sea turtle the long way around the globe... *sigh~* ^_^; Actually, I don't think it's been quite a month yet since it was released in Europe so it might take a bit still. :P

I finally watched Air Vol 3 today. T_T I'm really enjoying the series but I think someone mentioned that it's based on an H game... ^^;; I suspect it would appeal to those who liked Kanon, it's very similar in feel to that series. I'll have to see about maybe picking up the opening(?) closing(?) theme song for it as well. I'm not quite sure what to make of the next volume. It looks decidedly "previous era" from the clothing and I don't think I recognize anyone on the cover image. Oh well, shall see how that goes. ^_^

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