Shadow (kagedreams) wrote,

Attack of the vampires...

>_< They said it would happen and sure enough... after all the floods and rain etc., and after a few years of dry conditions with low populations... the mosquitos are out with a vengeance this year. >_<'' I hate mosquitos. I hate killing mosquitos. I especially hate killing them (anything actually), with my bare hands. Ewww. ^_^;; Even though I've stayed indoors all day (minus the usual deliveries etc.) I've been dive-bombed twice and lightly nibbled on. I am NOT a tasty snack! I'll have to figure out some way to escape the blood-sucking marauders. ^^;

Otherwise, I was reading FB vol 17 today and thought that maybe doing snippets of all the flower giving scenes might be cute. There's Machi to Yuki (I'd missed the small comment by Yuki about how Machi's flower was even worse than his! ^^;), Kyo to Tohru, Shigure to Akito (x2)... Hmm... Ayame to Mayu sensei? Can't remember how much of a "scene" that was but it was there. Otherwise... I don't know if there was anything else beyond those. Another cute theme may be the guys cooking. Yuki threatening Shigure's life when Tohru was over at Saki's, Kyo cooking for Tohru, Shishou's scenes are already included, and this last chapter with Haru threatening to burn the table might be cute. ^^; I'll have to think about adding those to the snippets later.

Update-wise... Not too much else was done. Interview 1 had a couple of the answers filled out further; #6 and 15 IIRC. I believe those were the only two with the proverbial ***** markers on that page. Kureno's profile is taking a bit longer than I thought it would. Hopefully I'll be able to finish it tomorrow, otherwise the day after. We're heading into the long weekend this weekend. (I forgot about that...) ...... *hits head on wall* No wonder the female sibling unit mentioned shopping on Friday today. Idiot. She's got the day off; so do I. So does this entire country except for those who stay open on stat holidays. Yeesh.

Anyhow, Vol 17; reading through the side notes, some interesting things I'd run into. Nao's got two older sisters along with his parents. The eldest is working while the second daughter is in uni. I can't recall exactly, but I think they tend to run him ragged with doing things. ^^; Poor guy. Vol 18 is supposed to go on sale around Sept.

Machi... Motoko... Hiro and Kisa...
Where their various thoughts go is...!?

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