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Ch 111

Finally finished the summary for Ch 111. Yay! But, I think these summaries are getting longer and longer each time... I'm also wondering if they aren't longer than a translation would be. ^^;; In any case, this chapter is definitely interesting, and while Momiji's perhaps most central in that he's the one who's changed the most and in some ways does the most here, I think the more interesting character is Shigure.

Momiji has definitely grown since we last saw him and has very much started to develop into an adult, but even so Momiji's still Momiji, loving sweets, being full of energy... And as he admits, he'd had lots of fun when he was still small because there were certain things that he could do *because* he was so small (like share Tohru's bed and be more huggy and touchy/feely with her). However, he also admits that he's happy to have grown now. Momiji I think is very much the type who takes full advantage of what he can do when he can and in that sense lives in the "now" rather than many kids who dream of "when I'm 16" or "when I'm 18" etc. (Not that I think Momiji doesn't think ahead as well mind you.)

Momiji's push on Kyo not to give up though is also very interesting. Momiji's always been very open and physically close to Tohru; how much of that was because as stated earlier he could get away with it, and how much of it is because of his own feelings is hard to say. He's always seemed to be very affectionate, but his expression in this chapter suggests there may be more and it also shows that he's very aware of Tohru's feelings and possibly that even if he were to want to (right now), he probably couldn't compete against Kyo. At the same time, Momiji's most likely very aware of Kyo's feelings for Tohru from the previous summer trip to the sea. Momiji had barged in to Kyo's room at that time and, even though it was raining and Kyo was not in the best of moods, he still readily agreed to pack for the trip.

Momiji's question to Kyo therefore of whether Tohru would accept his proposal is an interesting reminder to Kyo that things will change and that if he gives up, things that he may not want to see may end up happening. And while at this point in time, it's still a hypothetical situation, perhaps in the years to come, Tohru will also change and come to love Momiji in that way as well. Which brings us to Shigure...

At the start of the chapter Shigure asks Akito if there's any point to her locking herself away in her room, isolating herself. And if by isolating herself she believes that the world would somehow change into the one that she dreams of. Perhaps Akito is doing that to a degree; denying that the 12shi are becoming increasingly independent and a little defiant of her. Perhaps she's hoping that by isolating herself from the others, the blood of the 12shi will rise and get the others to think of her and bring them back to her again through the very nature of their curse/bond. Either way, so far that hasn't worked (probably takes longer than a few weeks/months anyways but...) and she remains very withdrawn.

When Shigure then talks to Hatori about how, by nature, he isn't a very nice person, and that he's never truly been pained by the curse or wanting his parents love or anything, I think that truly does emphasize just how sad and lonely he is inside. He may hide how he truly feels, and his admission that he really isn't interested in becoming Akito's father suggests that most likely he wants a relationship of equals with her. Wanting Akito to grow up; waiting for her to grow up even, and trying to push her to live. But at the same time, as he sees what Tohru and the other 12shi do to try and live and love, I think he can't help but also wish for that sort of result and struggle, rather than seeing Akito giving up so easily without fighting for things. (Did that make sense??) In any case, I think Shigure is very much sad and lonely because of his love for Akito, wanting it to be a love of equals, not wanting to be her "father", wanting her to fight for things and to live and change and realise that things will change, and to grow up and accept all of that. But even while wanting all that, in seeing all the others, he's also very tired of waiting and wanting, and a part of him is starting to wonder about whether he should move on as well. Except that he probably loves Akito so very much.

Shigure is, as always, a very difficult character to figure out and hides so much.

But! We also see how much Hiro's grown and changed. One of my favourite scenes in this chapter is when Kisa is so happy that she was able to say hello to Kyo and how he really was a nice person; how he always seems so nice to Tohru. Hiro remembers the time when they were at the sea and how, even though he didn't see any change in Tohru after having said something that touched a touchy subject for her, Kyo was very aware that she wasn't her usual self. It's a very sweet scene and for Hiro shows not only how much he's learned and grown, but perhaps more so, showed him that Kyo is in fact a kind person inside.

The last scene of primary interest for myself was the scene between Yuki, Haru and Hiro. When Hiro asks Yuki if maybe Kyo likes Tohru and Yuki asks him if that's not okay. Hiro's hesitant answer of the cat hints of his possibly not seeing the cat as a "person" per se, but as Shigure had hinted been looking down on him as "lesser". It reminds me of such things as racism or class division; that sort of segregationist thinking. And whether conscious or not, it can be a bit surprising when faced with. The 12shi are all aware of the cat's fate and either don't say anything or pretend not to think of it. Momiji mentioned it briefly earlier as well that he'd no longer give up because thinking about something doesn't do anything. Yuki's thought of thinking about things more simply and not worrying about making excuses for things perhaps suggests that rather than think about what they'd done all that time, right now, they should think about what they should do, and how to do it.

Okay, I lie slightly, one last point of interest for me was the similarity between Shigure and Akito and Kyo and Tohru. Shigure is, in his own way trying to get Akito to move and do something while Akito continues to dream of an unchanging world. Kyo on the other hand has given in to his "fate" that has continued throughout the ages for the cat while Tohru fights to try and find some way to free him of that. And Momiji at least as well is trying to keep Kyo from giving up. Akito in a way strikes me as having given up (perhaps a long time ago) and where Shigure and Akito are now, is what Momiji is hinting at could happen to Kyo and Tohru if Kyo continues to remain resigned to things. Shigure's loneliness and starting to think about what he wished (his "what if" story; ie the hint of a change in his heart) and Momiji's challenge to Kyo that maybe Tohru would eventually change and give him a chance to win her heart. They are very definite interesting parallels.


But I think I've really rambled this time. o_0 I should get some stuff done today. :P Hope folks enjoy Ch 111's summary. ^_^

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