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Shadow [userpic]


June 23rd, 2005 (07:48 pm)

Well, I'd been planning on writing up what Baby Pink's site was saying about Ch 111 when scans were released to the FGML so I decided to put that on hold and work on the summary instead. Most likely it'll be finished sometime tomorrow. (Currently in the midst of writing it out). From what I saw, it's a really interesting, but also rather depressed, chapter. (I'm not going to say too much about things until I finish the summary but...) Reading through the chapter, I can see why the other sites commented about having difficulty understanding Shigure. His character, motivation, depiction... all of it is difficult to get a grasp of. It also makes Mayuko-sensei's comment of his being like waves, or was it Hatori who called him a jellyfish? It makes some sense. Even so, what he says to Hatori, from what I can grasp, is decidedly sad. T_T The feelings where it must come from, what he says, what he says/doesn't say about himself, all of it is very... well, sad. Beyond that, I think my main sniffly moment in this chapter would be Hiro remembering last summer at the beach. He's grown a lot mentally has Hiro. ^_^

And elsewhere... I got a decidedly unexpected call from an old friend this evening. Apparently she's on her way to the area (province) and decided to call while waiting for a flight. ......In many ways, I think I can relate to Akito on certain things. Shall see how things turn out for Akito. As it is for me, I'll have to see about e-mailing her sometime during the next week. (She's away at the moment so it won't matter when during that time I write at least.) Oh, and some good news for me at least is that water restrictions have been eased to Level 3 restrictions - normal indoor use can resume; outdoor water use is still limited. Yay! Normal showers and normal (tea) drinking habits again!! Wai~! (Especially good because I just had a bunch of teas land on me today.) ^^;; Anyhow, I think I'll curl up with Vol 8 and go to bed for tonight; it's getting pretty late now... ^^;