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Ch 111 - sor t of summary?

Hmm... tried piecing together what happens in this chapter from 3 different summary / fangirl summaries about chapter 111 while waiting for either scans to become available or for my own copy of HtY to arrive. No guarantees about accuracy or whether what's quoted is actually what's said in the chapter. (It's not like I've actually read it as yet). Still it seems like a really interesting chapter and very much as the little blurb from Hakusensha suggested. That things are changing little by little around Tohru...


The story starts off with Shigure and Akito. Akito's still keeping herself isolated. Shigure tells her something in his usual merciless fashion and Kureno comes upon them.

Things then jump to the high school where a couple of girls are wondering if there's an exchange student. It seems Momiji's grown up since we last saw him and now wears the guy's uniform as well. ^^; But he's still Momiji and carries his rabbit knapsack and likes ice cream. Momiji tells Tohru he's really happy to have grown taller; afterall he is a guy. Seeing the two together Haru comments that any way you look at things, they looked like close lovers. ^^;

At Shigure's home, Kyo who just got back from school runs inot Hiro and Kisa who came to visit. As always, Kyo looks spooky to Kisa but she pulls her courage together, stands up and says hello. Kyo, (a little taken aback perhaps?) says hello back and tells her that Tohru'll be home soon. Kisa then looks really happy that she was able to say hello and that Kyo replied.

"In truth, he's a nice oniichan afterall... But then, it seems like he's always nice to oneesan."

Back to the Sohma mainhouse, Shigure angers Akito and gets kicked out after which he goes to Hatori's. After which at some point Shigure reveals:

"I don't want to become Akito's (that person's) father."

Jumping back to Shigure's, Tohru, Yuki, Haru and Momiji all get back home. They all discuss what to do for dinner and barbeque is voted down in favour of curry. (Haru tries to burn/suggests burning a desk??) Tohru, realising Kyo isn't there, wonders about what Shigure had said before about how the 12shi all look down on the cat. Momiji goes to call Kyo while Hiro asks the others if Kyo maybe likes Tohru. To which Yuki asks if it's not okay if that were the case to which Hiro hesitantly replies, "but... the cat." Haru comments that Hiro's the type to deliberately cross a bridge that everyone else avoids. Hiro(?) goes on to say that he's not necessarily against it, but maybe it's mixed feelings or worry...

Back to Kyo and Momiji, Kyo tells Momiji that he's really grown. Momiji agrees and supposes that he might grow taller than Kyo and be even a better guy and then maybe...

"...I wonder if maybe To-ru would accept my proposal?"

Momiji goes on to tell Kyo that giving up means that that sort of thing could end up happening therefore.

"So giving up is no good.

Me too, I'm no longer going quit because "thinking about it is pointless." About the cat."

Momiji then gets Kyo to go down; but before then, Kyo suddenly wonders if he was (his feelings were) that obvious...

Shigure gets home and is surprised to see a fire being started in his yard. Apparently they decided to do a barbeque style curry. He then asks her

"How're things going? Are you hanging in there?"

To which he adds

"Perhaps it should've been you that I saw in the dream... Perhaps you were a necessary person, especially for a person like me."

Switch to Shishou's place, and we see Rin and Kagura have a bit of a friendly(?) argument.

Lastly back to Shigure's. The sun's gone down and Tohru, Kyo (and Yuki) see the others off home.


Interesting things about this that I want to know more about would be the scene with Hiro, Yuki and Haru. Like Momiji and his pushing Kyo to not give up, this might be the "things start changing around Tohru little by little" comes in. It seems like the other 12shi are starting to think about no longer not thinking about the cat because it doesn't help to think about it. Perhaps this will help Kyo create opportunities as well to wither away the remains of the curse? More importantly, it seems that the 12shi themselves are starting to work towards seeing to the cat's happiness, although it may be more because it would see Tohru happy.

Shigure... a long time ago he mentioned that he thought of himself as the most cursed of the 12shi; possibly due to his love of Akito but Akito wanting a more fatherly love from him? There were a number of comments on other sites about Shigure (and how difficult it is to think of his situation and just what he means half the time...) so I'll leave him until I've actually read the chapter. ^^;

Hmmm... yeah, I think I'll leave things there. ^^;


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